Paws for thought

PUBLISHED : Friday, 04 May, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 04 May, 2012, 12:00am


Unless you've been on a yoga retreat on Easter Island, you'll have heard that Her Fabulousness, Lady Gaga, is in town, putting on the glitz for her Hong Kong fans in an incredible four shows (she was originally scheduled to perform just once, but tickets sold so quickly, they had to keep adding dates!). Gaga is a massive phenomenon who has influenced fashion and self-image, as well as music, of course.

As well as winning many awards for her records, she has donated large sums of money to charity, and started philanthropic organisations, such as the Born This Way Foundation, which addresses issues such as bullying and self-confidence. Although her methods may be controversial (I still drool at the thought of her meat dress), she's not afraid of standing by her beliefs.

Another headline-maker who owes much of his success to Gaga is Greyson Chance. He was also in town this week, meeting two lucky fans at RTHK with Teen Time's Alyson Hau, talking to our very own Barry, and performing at TMTPlaza in Tuen Mun. He started making pop waves when he was only 13, posting a video of himself playing an acoustic, piano version of Gaga's Paparazzi. TV host Ellen DeGeneres saw it and loved it so much she started a record label just for him.

Visiting stars always create a lot of hype - fans queued up for hours in the hopes of getting tickets to see Gaga. It's great to have famous idols, especially those who represent or fight for something you believe in.

But many teens can take idol worship to a ridiculous level, copying everything they say or do, and spending all their time and money following them, supporting them. It's very important to remember that actors, musicians, and so on are just people, too. They don't have magical powers, they don't know everything, and they're not perfect. We shouldn't blindly go along with everything they say and do, without carefully considering what we actually believe.

If you were lucky enough to see Greyson play, or to score tickets to the hottest gig in town, I hope you enjoyed yourself. But I hope you remembered you were watching an ordinary, albeit talented, person do their job. They should be enjoyed, not worshipped.