Brunch Club

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 06 May, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 06 May, 2012, 12:00am


Brunch Club
G/F 70 Peel Street
Hong Kong
Tel: 2526 8861

Grub: Mostly Western

Vibe: Brunch Club has a pleasant homely feel to it. There are linen-covered sofas for those in for an afternoon lounge, but there are also more conventional tables. There is also a small selection of fair-trade items for sale, such as teas, chocolate and preserves.

Who to take: Go with one or two good friends and chill out for an afternoon, or take a laptop or tablet and enjoy the free Wi-fi.

What's hot: The Brunch Club offers a full range of breakfast options at all times of the day.

If you are very hungry, the mixed grill might be what you need. It includes two eggs cooked in any style, plus bacon, chicken breast, gammon ham and pork sausage, along with grilled tomato, beans, hash browns and fried onions. To mop up, choose from a croissant, wholewheat sourdough, and walnut and raisin loaf.

The continental includes juice, a bread basket, muesli and yoghurt, with fresh fruit and honey. For even smaller appetites there are numerous egg-based dishes, including eggs Benedict, scrambled eggs and omelettes. The bacon and cheese omelette is recommended and comes with fries, a slice of home-made sourdough and salad.

If you've already had breakfast, there is a small range of pastas and risottos, and a selection of sandwiches. Proceeds from The Hong Kong Dog Rescue croissant are donated to the charity of the same name. Sadly it wasn't available on the day of our visit as they had sold out of smoked salmon. The Brunch Club sandwich is a good alternative. This is made with focaccia bread, Cajun chicken, tomato, cucumber and mozzarella.

For dessert there are waffles and pancakes with a choice of toppings, plus a daily selection of cakes and pastries. Drinks include juices, smoothies, tea, coffee and chocolate.

What's not: Peel Street goes up a very steep hill and this restaurant is near the top. If you need to build up an appetite, you might enjoy the climb; otherwise maybe it's best to take the escalator to Caine Road and walk down.

Cost: Most breakfast and pasta dishes are between HK$75 and HK$88. Muesli options are from HK$28, with bread and butter starting at HK$10. The dinner menu has choices ranging from HK$68 to HK$128. The special set dinner is HK$228 for three courses or HK$258 for four.