Executive has time to smile

PUBLISHED : Monday, 07 May, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 07 May, 2012, 12:00am


Marcus Moufarrige is chief operating officer of a company that has 800 employees in 22 countries dotted around the globe, with 600 employees under his management.

Yet, by his own admission, the Servcorp executive works only eight hours a day and travels only two or three times a year on business, enjoying the rest of the time with his family and growing his own produce on his farm.

The key to this efficiency is Moufarrige's long experience with the company set up by his father, Alfred Moufarrige, in 1978 and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1999.

Joining Servcorp as a junior operating manager in 1996 with a commerce degree in marketing and real estate, Moufarrige has experience in both operations and information technology (IT), a very important component of the business. He was chief information officer for several years before being promoted recently.

Over the years, he has participated in the transformation of the company from a pure property player to a property and technology service company with 40 per cent of its revenue derived from technology services. 'I am self-taught in IT. Having both operational and IT experience is both unusual and valuable in ensuring a fantastic customer service that is easily managed by operational managers,' he says.

Moufarrige also contributed to building competency and maturity in management and putting in place automated business processes, which has reduced his travelling and workload. Now he communicates daily with his six direct reports, and he says his job is to solve problems and make complicated things simple.

Servcorp aims to hire staff with great potential rather than the best resumes.

'The biggest challenge is training and educating team members to understand the value of the investment and innovation that we've put into the Servcorp Global Network,' Moufarrige says. 'The company culture is underpinned by the fundamentals of good business, great customer service and understanding the value of a premium product.'

Staff are encouraged to make decisions, but they also have an open line to the chief operating officer and the chief executive. Executives discourage large meetings and walk around and speak to staff directly.