Molestation claim not true, says barrister

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 May, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 08 May, 2012, 12:00am


A barrister accused of molesting a client's elder sister rejected the allegations yesterday as rude, untrue and damaging to his reputation.

Sky Cheng Kee-tin was giving evidence in the Court of First Instance in an appeal by his former client, lesbian policewoman Lee Suk-yin, against her conviction last year for assaulting and intimidating her girlfriend. Lee, who was sentenced to 28 days in jail, is appealing on grounds that Cheng was incompetent in handing her case, failing to follow instructions or produce new evidence to help her.

Last Friday, Lee's sister, Jupiter Suk-man told the court for the first time that Cheng had molested her in May last year.

'It is rude and untrue. I have never molested her,' Cheng said yesterday. 'But it has been widely reported by the media. It has lowered my reputation and put pressure on my family.'

Jupiter Lee told the court earlier that Cheng had ignored her when she showed him photos of injuries to her sister while he was singing with friends in a karaoke bar 10 days before the trial. She also said he molested her in a taxi on the way home and in a park after leaving the cab.

Cheng, told the court he did not know why the sister had appeared in the karaoke bar. He said she did not discuss the case with him or show him any photos. He said he took her home out of courtesy and she slept in the taxi all the way. When she alighted in Tai Po, he stayed in the same cab until he got to his Ma Wan home.

Cheng said outside the court that Jupiter Lee had made the accusations because she wanted to help prove her sister innocent by putting his integrity in question. He asked why she did not call the police or tell anyone she had been molested until she told the court on Friday and said he would consider suing her for defamation.

Deputy High Court Judge Anthea Pang Po-kam will later deliver a written verdict on the appeal. Lee Suk-yin has been suspended from duty.