One last dream gig - and Gaga's gone

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 May, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 08 May, 2012, 12:00am


'I'm going to miss you so much Hong Kong!' So said Lady Gaga as she concluded her week-long love-in with the city at the last of her four gigs at AsiaWorld-Arena last night.

But it was revealed that even Mother Monster does not have the right to share her Hong Kong memories with her fans, as a local copyright watchdog forced the removal of a YouTube video showing fan footage of her Born This Way Ball tour soon after it was 'shared' by Lady Gaga on her Facebook and Twitter pages.

Still, she was urging Hong Kong to think big during last night's concert. '[It's] more than a dream come true to have four sold-out shows [in Hong Kong],' Gaga said, recalling performing at bars in New York just a few years back.

'Now I'm [touring] arenas and stadiums. No dream is too big, Hong Kong!'

Her voice was worn out but she still managed to stage a high-powered concert, dancing on towering heels while showing off her soulful, powerful voice with songs from the Born This Way album and classics like Poker Face and Bad Romance.

The words 'Hong Kong' were jammed in throughout the show, as fans showered her with hats, jackets and other gifts.

'I'm so sad to leave Hong Kong. I've been having such a good time. It's been so beautiful here,' she said.

With more than 10 changes of costume during the show, Gaga lost none of her flamboyance. The effects were spectacular, but her showmanship was what made the concert special. She and her dancers performed complicated choreography with a level of synchronisation that would do North Korean soldiers proud.

The production team deserves kudos too, for turning AsiaWorld-Arena into an extravagant spectacle full of surprises. The gigantic castle was probably the largest stage set at the Lantau venue since Japanese pop princess Ayumi Hamasaki appeared piloting an airship.

Gaga, who has more than 50 million 'likes' on Facebook and nearly 24 million Twitter followers, shared new photos and provided links to uploads by fans over the week.

She described one YouTube video feed called Lady Gaga - Gaga was bearing babies as 'cool fan video footage of Born This Way Ball'.

The video drew more than 100,000 hits, but was taken down 'due to a copyright claim by Hong Kong Recording Industry Alliance Limited', according to the website.

The alliance, which handles copyright issues for recording companies, did not respond to a request for comment last night.