Will you please STOP?

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 May, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 08 May, 2012, 12:00am


How many times a week do you ask someone to stop doing something that is annoying, wrong or that you don't like or approve of? Listen to these four people as they ask someone to stop doing something, and then answer the questions.


1. What is the girl asking her father to stop doing?

a. saying bad things about her friends

b. criticising her mother

c. being negative about her current boyfriend

2. What is the girl's mood?

a. supportive but concerned

b. impatient and a bit angry

c. worried but positive

3. Where does her mum stand on the matter?

a. she supports the girl's dad

b. she is not giving her opinionc. she has no problems

4. How does Tommy treat the speaker?

a. with kindness at all times

b. very well most of the time

c. kindly when he is in a good mood


5. What sort of a speech is this?

a. kind and friendly

b. supportive and understanding

c. formal and official

6. Who do you think is speaking?

a. Miss Chan's line manager

b. a co-worker

c. Miss Chan's boss abroad

7. What will happen if Miss Chan continues to act in the same way?

a. the matter will be passed onto a higher levelb. she will be given another warning

c. she could very well be fired

8. What do we learn about Miss Chan's colleagues?

a. they arrive for work on the dot

b. some of them are also often late for work

c. they arrive for work in good time


9. What would you say about this piece of dialogue?

a. it concerns a family matter

b. the speaker is excited

c. it will never be resolved

10. What agreement have the two sisters previously come to?

a. that they will never go into each other's rooms

b. that it's OK to borrow each other's gear from time to time with permission

c. that they will never both wear the same item of clothing when they go out

11. How has one sister broken this agreement?

a. she hasn't kept to one of the conditions

b. she has lost some of her sister's belongings

c. she has stolen something from her sister's room

12. What result is this little speech intended to have?

a. to cause a big rift between the two sisters

b. to make a previous agreement perfectly clear

c. end the previous arrangement


13. What is the young man's mood?

a. furious and vengeful

b. frustrated and a bit annoyed

c. sunny and joyful

14. How could we describe the person he is talking to?

a. irresponsible and thoughtless

b. unpleasant and spiteful

c. nasty and weak

15. What is the speaker concerned about?

a. an official matter

b. something that has happened at work

c. a social matter

16. He thinks the girl is treating him ...

a. with great understanding

b. unfairly

c. with compassion


1. c, 2. b, 3. c, 4. a, 5. c, 6. a, 7. c, 8. c, 9. a, 10. b, 11. a, 12. b, 13. b, 14. a, 15. c, 16. b