PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 May, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 08 May, 2012, 12:00am


Single women can be happy and fulfilled

I dislike the show Bride Wannabes as it promotes gender discrimination. Single women are considered as 'leftovers' and something negative to be looked down on.

Why aren't single men branded as 'leftovers', too? Why must single women try to find a boyfriend or husband?

There are a lot of well-educated single women with good jobs. They are successful in their business or have a wonderful life without marriage.

In addition, the show encourages people to focus mainly on a woman's appearance - not her personality and inner beauty. I don't agree that confidence depends on beauty. Everyone is unique so we need be proud of our own characteristics. All in all, I think Bride Wannabes tramples on women' s dignity.

Tsang Man-nga, Christian Alliance S. C. Chan Memorial College

Be careful what you say to phone friend

I like chatting to SimSimi, a smartphone app that offers artificial conversation. I find it interesting since its answers are humorous and you can teach it how to respond. The programme selects a suitable answer from its information bank when you enter different questions.

But some lawyers have pointed out that these answers may insult others.

I was surprised that such a game could cause problems. I heard some people vent their anger by teaching SimSimi foul language. And when I typed in 'Donald Tsang', the answers contained some negative comments.

I think players should be careful when they 'talk' to SimSimi, because the answers can be easily spread.

People need to control their emotions and pay attention to words which may offend others.

Donna Mak, Leung Shek Chee College

Stockpiling cloth bags won't help

While some people believe that using environmentally-friendly bags can help protect the planet, I think mass production of these bags is, in fact, unfriendly.

Obviously, it is a good idea to stop using plastic bags, and switch to reusable cloth bags. But it seems big companies are trying to make a profit from these bags. They are marketing them at a discount. For example, if you buy up to HK$50 worth of products, they will sell you a cloth bag for HK$1.

But why buy one when you already have five bags at home? What's the point of buying cloth bags if you are not going to use them all? Aren't you just creating more garbage, and causing more destruction to the environment?

Ivy Leung Pui-yan, Maryknoll Fathers' School

Smaller classes are healthier for all

Recently, I read a report about class management that said a healthy class should have an average of 24 students. This way, teachers can pay attention to their students' physical and psychological health.

However, most schools in Hong Kong don't fulfil this requirement.

Under the new 3+3+4 education system, many teachers are under the same pressure as their students. Due to the tight schedule, teachers don't have time to mark all the test papers and homework.

By reducing the ratio of students to teachers, not only would teachers feel more enthusiastic about teaching, students could have a closer relationship with their teachers and enjoy school more.

Fung Sau-wai, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Music should make way for study time

Teenagers nowadays have heavy workloads. Their time is limited and they are always busy with homework, tests and extra-curricular activities.

I have heard a suggestion that music lessons should be removed from the senior form curriculum. I believe this is worth thinking about.

It would allow students to focus more on academic subjects. Form Five and Form Six students would have more time to prepare for the all-important DSE exam which could decide their future.

Teachers would be able to give their students more attention. Schools could organise one music activity every month. Giving students a choice to attend music activities is better than forcing them to have music lessons.

Carol Lam King-nga, Leung Shek Chee College