Messi has set an example for us all

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 15 May, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 15 May, 2012, 12:00am


Hongkongers work really hard for fame and fortune. But we always seem to give in easily to setbacks. Yet when we succeed, we brag and show off.

We should learn from footballer Lionel Messi. He was not born into a wealthy family but he had talent. He worked hard to hone those talents and became the star of FC Barcelona.

He has achieved success not just because of his talent but also because of hard work and perseverance.

Two years ago, Messi was heavily criticised for not doing enough to help Argentina win glory at the World Cup. Recently he proved his critics wrong by helping Argentina win an international match. But he didn't use this chance to scorn the media. He is still passionate about football and still working hard.

We should learn from Messi's example. We should work hard but remain humble despite all our achievements.

Patrick Fan Pui-hung

From the Editor

Thank you for your letter, Patrick. Football players are generally inspirational because football is a universal sport. All you need to get a game going is a ball and some friends. Many countries which are not very wealthy are home to great footballers. It is a way for anyone, rich or poor, to seek their fame and fortune.

Make no mistake, with fame comes a lot of fortune. For all the Messis in the world, there are thousands of young men who have tried and failed. Fame is a tough master and seeking it is often a gamble.

Being famous also brings with it media attention. Sometime it is not 'nice' attention. Messi was very wise not to be nasty to the media because he would have looked silly. His quiet confidence has made a big impression on his fans, who would have felt bad if he had been rude.

Susan, Editor