Second model tells of nude photo shoot

PUBLISHED : Friday, 18 May, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 18 May, 2012, 12:00am


Wealthy businessman Jerome Lau Ting-sing took nude photos of a second victim at his home in 2008, a court was told yesterday.

The alleged victim, a fitness instructor and male model, said the photo session took place less than 24 hours after they met.

He claimed Lau later threatened to harass him and his girlfriend.

Pictures of the fitness instructor, known as D in court, formed part of Lau's collection of 60,000 photos of male models, the court heard.

Lau, who turns 62 today, has pleaded not guilty in the District Court to two counts of indecent assault on male models A and B and two counts of criminal intimidation of male models A and D.

The offences allegedly took place between 2003 and 2008.

Witness B, now an actor, told the court on Wednesday that Lau persuaded him to strip for nude photos and molested him in 2005.

D claimed Lau, then a stranger, approached him outside Times Square on the evening of August 12, 2008. They chatted for an hour in an ice cream restaurant.

Defence counsel David Boyton showed to the court a record of D making a telephone call to Lau at about 1am that night.

But D rejected Boyton's claim that they were having phone sex, saying the call was to discuss a work appointment. D, who was then a part-time model, went to Lau's flat in Happy Valley in the afternoon.

Lau initially photographed D in casual wear, followed by a vest and tight denim shorts. Lau then asked D to wear only a G-string. 'As he was shooting, he suddenly approached me and pulled down my [G-string]. I was very scared,' D told the court.

D pulled the G-string back up, but Lau soon pulled it down again.

D said that at the end of the photo session, Lau assured him the erotic pictures would not be made public.

But 10 days later, Lau - angry that D had not contacted him - threatened to put his nude photos on homosexual websites, D said.

D claimed Lau told him: 'You would be approached by gay guys on the street, asking how much it would cost to [have sex with you].' He claimed Lau also threatened to hire 'handsome men' to flirt with his girlfriend and take nude photos of her.

Under cross-examination, D conceded he never checked if his photos were eventually posted online.

He also agreed with Boyton's description that he was 'paranoid' about Lau's words.

D said he modelled for Lau for free, initially in the hope of strengthening his modelling portfolio.

Police later seized Lau's all-male portrait collection, containing more than 60,000 photos, from his home, along with 49 G-strings.

Co-accused Lo Yan-kit, 27, of boyband 4anda, has pleaded guilty to criminally intimidating D.

The court imposed an order to protect the witnesses' identities.

D continues to testify today before Deputy Judge Ernest Lin Kam-hung.

Lau has been granted bail.