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PUBLISHED : Friday, 18 May, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 18 May, 2012, 12:00am


This week's top 10 album downloads on iTunes

1 Trespassing (Deluxe Version), Adam Lambert (below)

2 Glee: The Music - The Graduation Album, Glee Cast

3 Born and Raised, John Mayer

4 Bloom, Beach House

5 Not Your Kind of People (Deluxe), Garbage

6 Shooting Star - EP, Owl City

7 The Music of Smash (Soundtrack), Smash Cast

8 Blown Away, Carrie Underwood

9 21, Adele

10 Heroes, Willie Nelson


Top photo

American 3D artist Kurt Wenner's latest work is titled The Millionaire Life. It is currently on display at the Departure Hall of Singapore's Changi International Airport.

Travellers looking at it might feel like they are looking down into a bank vault. In reality, it's just a digitally scanned canvas that's been laid out on the airport's marble floor.

New trend on the web

Last Sunday was Mother's Day. How many of you actually know how much money you would need to pay back your mums? The American Coalition for Labor Reparations can help you out.

It has created an online calculator that resembles a tax form. You can calculate the exact amount you owe your mothers, based on factors such as the amount of time your mother spent in labour, how much weight she gained during pregnancy, and whether you are a good or bad child. Although your mother would certainly appreciate some extra spending money, both the calculator and the fictitious organisation were created for a promotion by an ad agency in New York.


In other news ...

If you are a frequent texter planning to visit the US, you might want to avoid the city of Fort Lee in New Jersey. Local police have begun to issue US$85 tickets to anyone who is caught texting while walking.

The reasoning behind the tickets is that people frequently are not aware of where they are going when they are focusing on their phones.

This year, the city has already suffered three fatal accidents which involved pedestrians who were glued to their mobile phones.

So authorities have decided to crack down on texters to improve the safety of residents.

So far, more than 117 tickets have been issued.

Top videos on YouTube

Hop on the bear train

A group of adorable bear cubs form a conga line.


An enterprise of giant proportions

A great time-lapsed video shows the immense amount of work that was needed to remove the space shuttle Enterprise from an aircraft.


He really feels the music

An eight-year-old blind autistic boy shares a special connection with a local street musician.