Club to employ mentor for embattled Ng

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 20 May, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 20 May, 2012, 12:00am


Stewards will enlist a senior jockey to mentor embattled apprentice Alvin Ng Ka-chun after he was charged with careless riding twice in one day and suspended for a total of eight meetings.

Chief stipe Kim Kelly said the rider needed to strike a better balance between 'competitiveness and safety'.

The poor on-track results for Ng (pictured) in his first full season have been exacerbated by a terrible disciplinary record, the 22-year-old had already been charged five times with careless riding this term, and once yesterday's bans have been served, he will have spent a stunning 22 days on the sidelines.

Kelly said he would sit down with Ng's master Dennis Yip Chor-hong and organise a senior jockey to help the junior through his growing pains.

'We will do whatever we can do to help him overcome any deficiencies he has in his riding,' Kelly said. 'We're trying not to discourage him, but we've got to look after the interests of the other riders as well.

'What Alvin needs to do is to find that balance between riding competitively and riding safely. At the moment he hasn't quite got that balance right.

'Steve Railton and Philip Dingwall will sit down with every apprentice once a month and go through their rides as a matter of course. But as far as Alvin goes, we will spend some special time with him and also set up a mentoring system.

Douglas Whyte was given the task of helping former apprentice Keith Yeung Ming-lun find his way last season, when the youngster ran into difficulties and the idea proved a success.

'Keith was in a similar situation where he was being suspended repeatedly, so we arranged a session with Douglas, Almond Lee and the race riding instructor Philip Waldron,' Kelly said. 'Not only did Douglas help Keith out that day, but there was also some follow-up work that he did one-on-one, and since that time, Keith's riding has progressed markedly.'

A seventh careless riding charge for the season usually carries a five-meeting ban, but Kelly is keen to have Ng riding in races to further his development, so it was kept at two.

'The exact words I said to him were 'You won't learn anything sitting in the jockeys' room on raceday with a tie on', he will only learn by riding in races, but at the moment he can't do that spending 22 meetings on the sidelines out of a total of 83.

'We'll work with him, he is a good young rider and a good young man.'

In other matters, an inquiry into Howard Cheng Yue-tin's handling of My Name Is Bond at the all-weather track meeting last week has been set down for Wednesday and the licensing committee announced Australian Mark Zahra will join the local ranks until the end of the season.