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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 29 May, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 29 May, 2012, 12:00am


1 Where does Lena Pahlsson live?

a. b. c.

2 Lena has a big garden behind her house. In which part was she working when she made a surprising discovery?

a. b. c.

3 What was her reaction?

a. b. c.

4 Which is Lena's ring?

a. b. c.

5 When did Lena lose the ring?

a. a few months ago

b. many years ago

c. last week

6 What time of year did the ring go missing?

a. b. c.

7 Why did Lena fail to notice that the ring had gone missing at the time?

a. she was too busy

b. she was too tired

c. she wasn't used to wearing it, so she didn't think about it

8 How many other people were in the kitchen at the time?

a. three

b. two

c. none

9 Where did they look for the ring when they knew it was missing?

a. in the vegetable garden

b. behind the oven and fridge etc

c. under the floorboards

10 What do the Pahlsson's do with leftover food?

a. feed it to their farm animals

b. put it in the bin

c. spread it on the vegetable garden

11 The ring went missing as the result of ...

a. a theft

b. an accident

c. a bad mistake

12 How do the Pahlssons fertilise their vegetable garden?

a. with a chemical feed

b. by natural methods

c. they don't add any fertiliser to the soil

13 Why can't Lena wear the ring now?

a. it is much too big

b. because she has put on a bit of weight

c. because it is damaged

14 Where is the ring at the time of the interview?

a. actually in the studio

b. under the floorboards

c. locked in the safe at the Pahlssons' farm


1. c, 2. b, 3. a, 4. c, 5. b, 6. a, 7. a, 8. a, 9. b, 10. a, 11. b, 12. b, 13. b, 14. a