Public Eye

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 30 May, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 30 May, 2012, 12:00am


Iron lady Lam pales beside police and hygiene officers' mettle

People say Development Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor - soon to be our new government's number two - is Hong Kong's iron lady. Public Eye says phooey. She talks tough but acted like a wimp with the rural thugs who defied her efforts to demolish illegal structures, on illegally occupied government land, in the Tai Tong Lychee Valley. The law-breakers had occupied the land for 18 years, five of them during Lam's watch. Only public ridicule finally forced her to call in the cops. The real iron men are our police and hygiene officers. They kick recumbent street sleepers in the head and confiscate their meagre belongings in the name of street clean-ups. Remember how they so bravely nabbed an elderly waffle-maker for trying to scrape a living without a hawker licence? And who can forget how they drove those elderly shoe-shiners from Central? These are the true macho men. Lam is simply not in their league. But to be fair to Lam, we have to look at the facts. Street-sleepers, elderly waffle-sellers and shoe-shine men are the real scum of society. We need to be iron-fisted with them. Law-breaking Heung Yee Kuk thugs who give officials like Lam the finger are the stalwarts of our society. They are honoured with Bauhinia medals, memberships in top government bodies and they have Beijing's ear. We need to suck up to them.

Macho? Not at HSBC concourse

When are street sleepers not street sleepers? When they sleep at the HSBC concourse. Our macho men kicked street sleepers, dumped their blankets, slippers and other meagre belongings and took away their identity cards in the name of a street clean-up. But they haven't been macho at all with the so-called 'occupy' movement that's camped at the HSBC concourse for months. Don't get us wrong - Public Eye supports the movement. But we think the reason the macho men have left them alone is because they know the campers will kick them right back. Not so macho after all, are they?

Hui and the politics of theatre

Undersecretary for Home Affairs Florence Hui Hiu-fai reminds Public Eye of failed US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Both share a way of seeing things very differently from the rest of us. Take, for example, Palin's foreign policy experience. The way she sees it, she's got plenty of it. She explained during the election campaign how she became a foreign policy expert: by living in her home state of Alaska, which is very close to Russia. Likewise, Hui says she's got plenty of culture credentials. And how did she become such a culture buff? By playing a part in the contract renewal of the Sunbeam Theatre in 2009. That, she has hinted, qualifies her for the HK$300,000-plus-a-month job as head of the new culture bureau. Public Eye has seen the movie version of Evita. We've even seen the actual stage version of Phantom of the Opera. Surely, that qualifies us for the job, too.

Immigration Cuckoo Land

Have they gone completely mad? We've repeatedly warned that spending too much time in Cloud Cuckoo Land does that to people. But our bureaucrats refuse to listen. The latest to lose their marbles are Immigration Department bureaucrats. Assistant principal immigration officer Benson Kwok Joon-fung says the department wants to make it even easier for mainlanders to gain residency here, through an investment scheme. And the government may again allow property investment as a qualifier for residency. Do these Cloud Cuckoo Land dwellers not know that Hongkongers are sick and tired of mainlanders jacking up property prices to unaffordable levels for locals? Don't they know the tide benefits mostly property developers and upscale stores, not the average Hongkonger? Please beam back to earth, Mr Kwok. Reality awaits you.