Long distance loving

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 02 June, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 02 June, 2012, 12:00am


When they were studying at university in Canada, Ray Choi and Cora Lai often ran into each other on campus, to a point that Ray thought Cora was stalking him.

'He thought I had a crush on him and I was stalking him but obviously that wasn't the case,' Cora said.

Cora, a 28-year-old public relations manager and Ray, a 30-year-old interior designer, were married on December 3 last year. They celebrated at the Mira Hotel's Vibes bar before a banquet at a Chinese restaurant at The One mall.

The couple met at university, introduced by mutual friends.

'Cora looked very cute and she was really friendly to me,' Ray said.

At Ray's farewell party - when he had to leave Canada and move back to Hong Kong for good - the two decided to give love a try.

Cora said: 'We stuck together when we lived on two different continents - then as soon as I got back we broke up, because he wanted to live a different life.'

Heartbroken, she couldn't let it go and it turned out Ray felt the same. Eight months later, they got back together.

'She forgives me every time I make mistakes,' he said. 'She hates me when I binge drink, but when I do, she's always there for me.'

Cora loved his tolerance too. 'He accepted all my flaws and bad temper. When you are with the same guy for almost seven years, you know he's bound to be the right one if you never left his sight.'

Getting married was the elephant in the room for the couple till Cora's parents asked whether they'd want children and, if so, saying they should start planning early. The couple were soon picking an auspicious date for tying the knot.

On honeymoon in Spain, a girl, due this September, was conceived.