What's best in the long run

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 05 June, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 05 June, 2012, 12:00am


After trying a range of sports nutrition products, here are my favourites:

Gel: Gu Roctane Gel in Blueberry Pomegranate, HK$20, Escapade Sports (www.escapade.com.hk)

This quite thick gel stands out for its yummy flavours and added amino acids, allowing you to go harder for longer. Although a bit more expensive than a regular gel, it's worth it.

Chew: Powerbar Energy Gel Blasts (Raspberry), US$2.95, Racing the Planet (racingtheplanet.com)

These gummies with a liquid gel centre taste so good you forget you're eating a sports specific product. The good thing about chews is they can be taken in one hit or rationed throughout a race.

Electrolyte: High5 Zero, Citrus, HK$85, Escapade Sports

This low-calorie drink allows you to load up on electrolytes the day before a race while avoiding unnecessary sugars.

Energy bars: Honey Stinger Bar in Rocket Chocolate, HK$20, SportsWorld (sportsworld.hk)

This tasty bar has a hint of honey mixed with chocolate. It's very light, easy to eat and digest. For longer events I go for the Stephen James Luxury Organics Beauty Bar, US$5, Racing the Planet. It's full of raspberries, cherries and figs, and is very light and full of calories, which is perfect for multiday endurance events.

Recovery food: Hammer Recoverite in Chocolate, HK$32.50 per single serve sachet, Escapade Sports

Full of glutamine, carbohydrates to restore glycogen, proteins to rebuild muscles and electrolytes to replenish stores, this drink packs a serious punch. Mixed with water, the chocolate flavour goes down like cold chocolate milk and helps avoid soreness the next day.

Athletes pick their favourites:

Nora Senn, 35, trail runner

Hammer Sustained Energy. I mix the powder into the water in my hydration pack and sip it continuously during long runs. It gives me a constant flow of energy and is light on my stomach.

Simon Chau, 26, cyclist

Gu energy gels. They are convenient and are very tasty with lots of different flavours to choose from. They help me to make sure I am taking in enough carbohydrates on my long rides.

Michal Bucek, 31, triathlete

Hammer Perpetuem. It has really increased my endurance and speed, as well as my recovery. I can push harder than I used to with less pain.