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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 06 June, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 06 June, 2012, 12:00am


On the news there will be no free broadcasts of the Olympics:

Marcus H. Langston - It's beyond HK's intelligence to agree to and organise anything of any perceived free value.

Sam Ho - The Olympic Games should be for everybody, not just for those who have paid to watch them. It is totally unfair that meaningful events are commercialised.

Yi Long - I guess 'poor people' aren't entitled to be able to watch sports history being written live on TV! It's a shame how commercial this world has become, where making a quick buck is more important than reaching out to as many people as possible, making their daily lives a bit more enjoyable.

Mohit Nanwani - The government should do something about this! What happens to people who do not have Cable TV? Watch on the internet? How can Cable TV guarantee the streaming? There are 1.1 million Cable TV subscribers who will be able to watch the Games. What about the rest? This seems to be happening every time there is a major sporting event in the world; either the rights are bought by Cable TV or PCCW Now TV. No one else can watch it due to 'disagreements' with the free-to-air channels or people have to pay out insane amounts just to catch this event whether [it] is through subscribing to the channels or having to go out to watch it.

On Hong Kong supermarkets dumping tonnes of food every day:

Karina O'Carroll - It's terrible! If food can't be donated, the stores should help with the waste problem and compost! They could even make a profit from that if they really had to! Also, scrap all the unnecessary packaging!

Sean Niem - Composting and local farming should be promoted concurrently to get the synergy.

Luz Tan - They should donate it to Foodlink [Foundation].