Donald Tsang

Public Eye

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 06 June, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 06 June, 2012, 12:00am

Tsang's a lame duck, but he doesn't deserve this

Our outgoing chief executive has gone from lame duck to political corpse. The circling vultures know this. That's why they're swooping down to tear out chunks. There's nothing like gorging on dead meat. Donald Tsang Yam-kuen has less than a month left in office. He should be taking farewell laps before riding into happy retirement. But political idiocy got the better of him. He hitched rides on the luxury yachts and planes of tycoons. He stayed in outrageously priced hotel suites at taxpayers' expense while abroad. Now the people want his scalp. They want him to resign in disgrace even though he's only got weeks left in office. His remorseful bow in a public apology - a humiliating image that was splashed across front pages and flashed on television for all to see - was not enough. The man is already finished, a disgraced leader who will leave office with his legacy in tatters after 40 years of public service. But there's no mercy in politics, only a lot of kicking when you're already down. The mean side of us is on full display. We don't want to forgive, forget, and tell ourselves his humiliation is punishment enough. Were his wrongdoings really that bad? OK, so he liked the good life. He mixed with tycoons. But does that make him a corrupt leader? Not even his fiercest foes have seriously accused him of that. An Independent Commission Against Corruption probe is under way, but no one really thinks he used his position as chief executive to corruptly benefit or receive benefits from the tycoons. Why not stop tormenting the man? Surely it's torment enough that he will leave office with his head hung in shame.

Slap pay cuts on top officials

Just not good enough - that's what Public Eye says. Incoming leader Leung Chun-ying says he'll consider freezing the pay of our preposterously overpaid top officials. Freezing? Surely he knows we have the world's highest-paid bureaucrats aside from Singapore? Surely he knows the latest pay-rise proposal means our top bureaucrats will be earning more than HK$322,000 a month? How does he plan to explain that to our cage-home dwellers? Forget freezing. We say slap pay cuts on all top officials, starting with Leung.

A difference of 100,000? Really?

Here we go again. Organisers say over 180,000 people attended Monday night's June 4 candle-light vigil. The police say only 85,000 turned up. How can a difference of 100,000 be possible? More to the point, is there an ulterior motive for our police to always deflate protest turnout figures? Public Eye has asked before and will ask again: why do the police always feel the need to dispute figures from protest organisers? Don't they know doing this is, in effect, a slap in the face for the tens of thousands who attend such protests? Why not just let the organisers claim whatever they want?

Landlords sock it to tenants

Will someone, anyone, please tell us it ain't so. Tell us it's all just a bad joke. But of course, it isn't. Hong Kong's preposterous property prices are anything but a joke. The latest insane tale involves a 72-year-old woman whose HK$70,000-a-month rent for a 250 sq ft Causeway Bay store was more than doubled to HK$150,000. No, she's not selling pricey gold chains to mainlanders. She's selling socks. Yes, socks and stockings. How many socks must you sell to cover a rent of HK$150,000? Goodness knows how she even managed to sell enough to cover a rent of HK$70,000. This is the wacky world of high property prices we in Hong Kong live in. She's now back to peddling her socks as a street hawker. Public Eye wishes her well. But a word of warning: the macho men who call themselves hawker control officials will no doubt have her in their sights. They love to go after little old men and women to prove how macho they are. Remember how they swooped on the waffle seller?