Contributors - behind the scenes

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 07 June, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 07 June, 2012, 12:00am


Victoria Burrows

Food and travel writer Victoria Burrows lives in chaotic, captivating, and sometimes confounding New Delhi. She was born in Wales, grew up in South Africa, studied in England, and lived for eight years in Hong Kong, where she worked at the South China Morning Post. She dreams of one day running a boutique hotel and restaurant in that little slice of heaven, Franschhoek.

Sophie Friedman

Native New Yorker and travel writer Sophie Friedman has been based in Shanghai for three years. Although she has visited the neighbouring city of Hangzhou, which has all the blue skies, sun and greenery that Shanghai does not, it was her first time seeing Zhang Yimou's Impression West Lake, which certainly lives up to its name.

Lin Yang

Lin Yang is an American journalist living in Taipei, Taiwan. He came to Asia to explore his roots and feel the beat of the world's most dynamic region. An avid lover of food, nature, and history, Lin often travels throughout the region to find interesting sites and captivating stories to tell. He discovered Tian Ma Ma during a government-sponsored tour for journalists, and was sold on the amazing quality of the food and the restaurant owners' country hospitality.

Sean Lee Davies

Sean Lee Davies has worked as a magazine editor, fashion photographer and documentary filmmaker. He has interviewed Marc Jacobs and Leonardo Di Caprio, and his work has appeared in leading international publications. During his years as a magazine editor, he travelled extensively, from the steppes of the Mongolian plains to the red carpets of Cannes. For Encounters, Lee Davies travels to Rajasthan, Land of Kings, in India to visit some of the most breathtaking palace hotels in the world.

Matthew Link

Having spent time in more than 65 countries and Antarctica, Matthew Link now lives in his native California in the desert resort of Palm Springs.

He contributes to leading international magazines and newspapers and is founding editor of two major travel magazines. He has appeared on numerous TV shows and has a regular spot on NBC's Early Today. For Encounters, he rediscovers Palm Springs and the surrounding desert through the eyes of children.

Pete Spurrier

London-born Pete Spurrier came to China in 1993 at the end of a two-year overland journey via all the newly independent states of the Silk Road. He lives in Hong Kong, where he writes and publishes books about the city. His hiking guides are local best-sellers. For Encounters he visits a Roman spa on the Greek island of Nisyros.

Jason Y. Ng

Full-time lawyer, magazine contributor and author of Hong Kong State of Mind, Jason Ng is a seasoned traveller. Having visited more than 100 cities around the world, he still manages to squeeze in two overseas trips a month, whether for business or pleasure. He writes about his experiences abroad and other issues on his blog, As I See It. For Encounters, he describes his three hikes up Japan's Mount Fuji.

Kavita Daswani

Former fashion editor for the South China Morning Post, Kavita Daswani has written on other sectors, including travel, for two decades. A Hong Kong native, she now lives just outside Los Angeles, where she continues writing. Her sixth novel, Bombay Girl, is due out soon. Her fashion and travel is combined in Encounters as she seeks out some exquisite designer hotels, and Parisian shops.

Simon Winchester

British author, journalist and broadcaster, Simon Winchester has worked for some of Britain's biggest newspapers. His first book In Holy Terror was borne out of his reporting in Ireland. When posted to New Delhi, he drove the family Volvo from Oxford to India. He lived in Hong Kong for the 12 years, is now based in the United States, and has just returned from Prion, a remote island in Antarctica.