Paws for thought

PUBLISHED : Friday, 08 June, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 08 June, 2012, 12:00am

While I am enjoying the sights of Rome, rest assured Pupketeers that I'm thinking of you. I know you all started your exams this week, and so you're probably wound up tighter than a tai tai's fist on the latest Prada bag. But take heart, friends, it will all be over soon.

These three weeks will be pretty intense, but then you can kick back and relax.

Oh the adventures we'll have! The Olympics are coming up, and Young Post's team will try out some of the sports involved.

Already, Kevin has been sailing, hanging overboard like Captain Jack Sparrow. Leon put on his cowboy boots to try some equestrianismism. Karly and Joyee joined the rowing team, but they didn't go anywhere near water. How does that work?

Barry San is going to be in mortal combat with some taekwando people - gong please! Susan is going to find her inner Robin Hood with archery. Hei is going to be fighting it out on the handball court. All exciting stuff.

Me? I'll be doing what I do best: cheering them on. I'm quite the expert at that, you know. The dog's whiskers, you might say.

As a world traveller and an avid sportsman, I have seen a few fine contests in my time. So I'm practising my role as 'sports commentator'. That means I get to talk a lot - which is a bonus, hehe.

Besides, my legs are too short to reach bicycle peddles and my stuffing would get all squidgy if I did anything in water. My paws are terrible for holding javelins, shot putts, pistols, bows, arrows, poles, swords and any other dangerously pointy, pokey things. So there.

I can chase balls all day, though! Hey, why isn't that an Olympic sport? I could chase after Usain Bolt, barking furiously and nipping at his heels ... if he slowed down, ha ha. I also love to wrestle as much as the next pup. But those teeny-weeny little wrestlers' pants? Nah.

So what can we learn from this? Well, not everyone can be great at everything. And it's cheering people on that I am good at.

Mind you, people who cheer on the athletes are just as important as the athletes. Think about it. Few athletes compete in secret. What would be the point? That would be like acting without an audience.

Cheering someone encourages them to do better. It makes them feel good about themselves. A pat on the shoulder with a 'well done!' can make a big difference.

Making people feel good about themselves will help you get far in life. It shows people you are a team player, that you have their best interests at heart.



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Paws for thought

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