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City in the frame

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 12 June, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 12 June, 2012, 12:00am

A fan of the city

Laura Jordan is a young British artist and illustrator. She has recently been stunning art lovers in London with an amazing artwork depicting a vibrant and highly personal view of Hong Kong.

Visitors to the Delicate Mayhem Gallery in the British capital have been entranced by Jordan's new piece, The Hong of the Kong.

'You feel as if you are there,' said one visitor who has been to Hong Kong many times. 'Laura has really caught the city,' he added, as he took in the intricate details.

The journey to Hong Kong

Born and brought up in the county of Surrey, Jordan studied graphic design at the London College of Communication and graduated five years ago. Based in London, Jordan began working on a series of art pieces inspired by the city in which she lived, and other cities all over the world.

In each of these cityscapes, she tries to capture the social, political, natural and architectural vibes of the city in question. So far, she has created images of London, Manchester, Brighton, New York and Rio de Janeiro. Her goal is to slowly share her impressions of cities all over the world.

A holiday in Hong Kong

Jordan created The Hong of the Kong after her first - and only - visit to Hong Kong. There are all sorts of elements and features from the city worked into her creation.

Jordan is always tactful when asked about her favourite city and hotspots. But in a recent interview, she revealed that her favourite Hong Kong feature is the Mid-Levels Escalator on Hong Kong Island. She explains that she tries to create movement in all her city artworks, and this unique structure fascinated her.

Jordan also appreciated the structure of the city with its walkways and flyovers. If you look carefully at The Hong of the Kong, you'll see they play an important part in Jordan's artistic representation of our city.

Looking at the city

How do you get a whole, vibrant, moving city into one painting? Most artists inspired by cities will set their easel up in just one part of a city and paint what they see there in front of them.

But not Jordan! She wanted to get the entire feel, people and scenes of Hong Kong into her painting. This artwork is intended to take the viewer on a journey around a city which Jordan depicts as a magical, overgrown garden sprouting a wonderful modern metropolis. Tourists, city workers, fashionable young people, and street workers are all dotted around the painting.

The structure of the city helps shape the picture, as do the city's prominent landmarks. Jordan combines high-rise buildings with natural beauty in her creation. Here is our city seen through the eyes of a young artist who is making her mark. Hong Kong as an artist's model! Now, there's a thought.

Fact File

Which of these statements are true and which are false?

1 Laura Jordan is a young artist based in Britain.

2 She studied at the London School of Economics.

3 Jordan takes inspiration for her artworks from cities.

4 The Hong of the Kong was completed 10 years ago.

5 Jordan was living in Hong Kong when she created the piece.

6 The Hong of the Kong is a sculpture.

7 Jordan's painting depicts one area of Kowloon.

8 This artwork mixes reality with fantasy.

And finally ...

Take a closer look at The Hong of the Kong by visiting


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