Leaf inspires budding designers

PUBLISHED : Monday, 18 June, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 18 June, 2012, 12:00am


Veins on a leaf inspired the award-winning design of a 'green city' by five Year-Two architectural students at the City University of Hong Kong.

Charlotte Chu Tin-lok, 20, Jeff Tse To-ming, 25, Charlie Ip Kwok-wai, 21, Andrew Hung Siu-chau, 21, and Gladys Mak Wai-lok, 22, (pictured left to right, with judge August Tiu) won the Platinum Award in the Green Residential Development Design Competition.

Their design beat 30 entries from Hong Kong college and university students in the event run as part of the Business Environmental Council's Low-carbon Home 2011-12 programme 'We are particularly pleased students are able to use their new knowledge in the innovative yet practical proposals they've submitted,' the judges said.

The winning 'Green Veins' design leaves more than 85 per cent of the site undeveloped, including a green hub area for recreation that offers shade to reduce heat.

Transportation systems and the buildings are set out in the shape of veins on a leaf, with buildings put in place to maximise sunlight and ventilation. 'The vegetation cuts carbon dioxide in the environment and reduces temperatures,' Ip says.

A wind turbine and water wheel generate electricity for on-site use.

The design encourages a 'bicycle society', with easy access spots for people to borrow bikes to cut car emissions - an idea judges doubted Hong Kong's adults would embrace. 'At least we provided the facility: the choice is up to residents,' Chu says.

The team also feel Hongkongers need to realise the importance of adopting a greener lifestyles. 'The government must push builders to help develop a better and greener environment,' Tse says.