Crowning glory

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 21 June, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 21 June, 2012, 12:00am


If Grace Kelly had not worn those stunning earrings for her wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco, or if Elizabeth Taylor had not donned that pearl necklace when she tied the knot with actor Michael Wilding, both iconic brides may not have stood out as much.

A special piece of jewellery, at its most refined, adds a touch of magic to a bride's overall look, making the wedding more like a fairy tale.

From earrings to a tiara to a necklace, jewellery can transform brides, even if it is just for one day.

Benjamin Lange, general manager of Wellendorff for Asia, says earrings can accentuate facial features. He advises brides to be aware of what works for the shape of their face.

'Brides with an oval-shaped face can basically wear any type of earrings as long as they are proportionate to the face. Large stud earrings might not be suitable for brides with a round face, but they can complement those with a rectangular-shaped face. Hoop earrings are classic and tend to fit most face shapes,' he says.

Lange says the earrings the bride chooses to wear on her big day are photographed just as much, or perhaps even more than her wedding ring. 'A pair of timeless, elegant and exquisite earrings is essential on your wedding day, creating valuable memories which would never be forgotten,' says Lange, who points out that earrings should be compatible with the wedding dress and hair style.

Lange notes that tastefully designed white gold jewellery is wildly popular among brides-to-be as these pieces highlight the gracefulness of the western-style wedding gown.

'In recent years, [in Hong Kong] red wedding gowns have become increasingly popular with brides who want to honour their Chinese cultural heritage. Thus, jewellery in yellow gold is also appreciated and warmly welcomed by them,' he says.

The tiara has long been a symbol of regal elegance and has graced the heads of many a famous bride over the decades such as Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, fashion designer Victoria Beckham and more recently singer Carrie Underwood.

'The tiara is a symbol of heritage, French culture, love and of course princesses,' explains Thierry Fritsch, president of Chaumet. 'Tiaras are making a comeback. Brides love to wear them because it makes them feel like a princess, and also tiaras are about love and romance.'

Charles Leung, managing director of Chaumet, the jewellers famed for creating the tiara for the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte's empress Josephine, says: 'The tiara is always an icon of preciousness which makes brides look their best.'

Leung says that in addition to diamonds which symbolise love and eternity, pearls and coloured gemstones are also brides' favourite materials for their wedding tiara. 'Pink gold is a special choice for Chinese culture,' he says.

He adds that it is a case of to each her own when it comes to choosing the right tiara. 'It really depends on individual choices,' he says. 'We have received requests from customers to make a new tiara based on an antique style. We have also received requests to set precious stones on tiaras which have a very special meaning. For example, customers will bring the diamond from their parents' wedding ring to be set on the tiara.'

Chaumet provides tailor-made services for unique tiara designs, which will take 500 to 1,500 working hours for each order.

The French jeweller will launch the Liens tiara later this year. Available in white and pink gold, the link design of this upcoming collection symbolises love and the strong connection between people. When it comes to the wedding necklace, Victoria Lai, marketing director of King Fook Jewellery Group, says it determines the look of the bride and adds the finishing touch.

Brides-to-be like the diamond necklace for the simple reason that it suits all wedding gowns and according to Lai, 'they prefer simple and elegant necklaces because they can convert them for daily wear after the wedding'.

Lange agrees that it is necessary to keep jewellery simple for the right balance.

'I would suggest the bride-to-be looks for a bridal jewellery set with earrings and necklace which can add the right amount of sparkle and balance to her look,' he says.

'Simple, delicate, glamorous yet timeless designs such as the brilliance of the sun earrings and necklace are the wild card, as they complement square-necked wedding dresses and off-the-shoulder wedding gowns.'