Face the guests with confidence

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 21 June, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 21 June, 2012, 12:00am


All eyes are on the bride as she glides down the aisle, so it is essential that her make-up looks good.

'It's always a balance between finding a style which makes you appear as beautiful in photographs and on film as you do in person on the big day,' says Alice So, resident make-up artist at Kim Robinson. 'If you stick with a classic look, your make-up look will never be out-of-date.'

Examples of a classic look can be found during the 1940s and 1950s era, according to Karen Yiu, founder of The Art of Makeup. 'Thin, brownish eye liner, with make-up that make the eyes sparkle,' she says.

Eve Roth Lindsay founder of Savvy Style, Colour Me Beautiful in Central says a bride should be herself when it comes to make-up style, but there are some rules.

'If you decide on strong lip colours, tone down the eyes, or if you would rather have strong eyes, tone down the lips,' she says.

'Many brides want to learn to do their make-up themselves as many weddings take place in Bali and other destinations. They come here to learn to do it themselves.

'The key rule is to not have the face shine. Glistening is no good and the solution to that is powder, which should be applied with the supplied applicator, then brush off the excess for a more natural look.'

Lindsay recommends the bride starts her regimen with a non-greasy skin protection followed by a primer to even out the colour and surface of the skin. 'Then apply a thin layer of foundation,' says Lindsay, who emphasises that the foundation should not be thick.

'Blend well and keep the layer sheer, because the thinner the layer, the better the make-up stays in place,' So adds. 'A tinted moisturiser can work better than a full-coverage foundation, helping to even out the skin tone without a thick base.'

Lindsay says not to use glitter eye shadow as it doesn't look good in photos. 'Use an eye base as the eye shadow sticks to it, thus keeping the colour,' she says.

'With lips, use a lip base as it keeps the lipstick from feathering and it also moistens the lips.'

Yiu has a few other secrets to a successful make-up regimen. 'I prefer to use individual lashes, and stick them to the eyes, one by one, and after that when you put on the mascara, it can last a whole day,' she says, pointing out that a good hair style will complete the look.

'A tidy and classic hairstyle is a good choice before the groom lifts up the veil. But also remember the hairstyle should match the gown.'