Hu Jintao

President picks up 'pride of China'

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 21 June, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 21 June, 2012, 12:00am


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Mainlanders appear divided over the significance of President Hu Jintao's move to pick up a Chinese flag sticker from the floor on the sidelines of the G20 summit.

Pictures have appeared online showing Hu, standing next to his American counterpart, Barack Obama, bending over to pick up the sticker after a photo-taking session. Obama had placed his left hand on Hu's back before walking away.

A caption on Xinhua's website said the stickers of other national flags were stepped upon by other leaders who walked away after the session, but only Hu picked up the Chinese flag sticker. It said Hu handled the sticker with care.

Some internet users voiced their approval of Hu's action.

'Hu is actually picking up the pride of China. I feel proud to be a Chinese,' said one going by the name of Tongchangshui on Sina Weibo.

Another said: 'I feel that the president is getting down to earth and closer to the public.' Someone else said: 'This small action has touched the hearts of many people.'

But others were critical of Hu. 'You don't need to show your patriotism in such an obvious way. Just do your job,' one said.

Another internet user asked: 'Handsome president, can you also do the same for other Chinese people? Can you do something to prevent the working class from living in miserable conditions?'

Yet another noted that 'there are so many social problems in the country. Can he put more effort to tackle them?'

Hu's leadership also came under attack. A weibo user said China had deteriorated on Hu's watch. 'People don't see such development and are moved by the flag sticker picking move,' the person wrote.

None of the comments posted on Sina Weibo contained Hu's full name. Any search of 'Hu Jintao' or 'Hu Jintao picking up national flag' would lead to a message saying, 'the search result cannot be displayed because of related laws and rules'.

A weibo user then made this wry comment: 'President, I actually want to praise you for your patriotic act. But I cannot say your full name. What a pity.'