Reggie Ho, Asia-Pacific editor of Business Traveller and gay rights activist

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 24 June, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 24 June, 2012, 12:00am


What I'm listening to: one of my guilty pleasures is Canto-pop of the worst kind, with lyrics about how 'I love you and you don't'. I also listen to blues and soul, from Bobby Bland to Lady Day (Billie Holiday), and singers of my generation such as Bryan Adams, Chris Isaak and Richard Marx. In an attempt to modernise my tastes, I went to Lady Gaga's concert and was surprised that, under that beef dress, there was an actual singer.

What I'm reading: Asian Godfathers, about how the Southeast Asian tycoons rose to prominence and immense riches. The last book I really enjoyed was Game Change, about the 2008 US presidential election - it's not so much about politics, but rather how freaky and loony people can be in the struggle for power.

What I'm watching: I'm always behind on films, and only get to catch up on planes. The last one was The Descendants, which was not as bizarre as some had made me believe. George Clooney was great in it, of course, but I found Shailene Woodley even more amazing - she nailed that role with a perfect balance between teen angst and good daughter.

What artists I'm following: no one in particular. I would have loved to be a Biebliever, except listening to his music is like a close encounter of the third kind. I can't decipher the code.

Where I'm surfing: I can't get enough of YouTube. Everything you want is there - serious stuff, historical stuff, fluff, bluff. And then the website of the NGO I volunteer for