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PUBLISHED : Sunday, 24 June, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 24 June, 2012, 12:00am


I grew up in a home full of cameras, light meters, and paraphernalia: my father was a photography enthusiast. Stepping into the RAW (Random Art Workshop) studio with my own son, my joy for photography was re-awakened. I realised I had forgotten so much and taught my son so little about the art.

The parent-child photography workshop has a simple concept. Share some time with your children to learn more about photography and experience the creative process together. It requires only that you bring some type of digital camera along and it's even possible to do the course with the ubiquitous iPhone.

Situated on the 25th floor of a Wan Chai tower block the studio has a spacious feel and is undeniably hip. Our instructor Joyce was open and friendly and managed my numerous questions and philosophical tangents while also humouring the erratic creativity of my seven-year-old son. Joyce's artwork and photography is hung around the studio and is both impressive and inspiring.

The class began with a presentation that introduced cameras, lenses, lights, and composition. Then we had the opportunity to photograph whatever we wished in the studio.

Eager to get snapping, my son put together a variety of compositions while I asked the teacher further questions. This was a key characteristic of the course; discussion is encouraged and the creative process is fostered in a relaxed environment. We ventured outside to take photos of street scenes and people, keeping light and composition in mind. My son took to this with gusto.

Back in the RAW studio we selected our favourite pictures and printed them out. We then collaborated in making a collage of the scenes by adding paint, text and magazine cuttings. This was my favourite part of the class and I realised how involved my son was.

RAW provides a one-off three-hour course for parents and children at a cost of HK$800. The age range is from seven to 12 years old, but I believe five-year-olds would enjoy it too. The studio organises small classes, and it could also work well for birthday parties.

Verdict: Be prepared to have as much fun as your child does.

RAW (Random Art Workshop) - parent child photography class

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