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PUBLISHED : Monday, 25 June, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 25 June, 2012, 12:00am


Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

To celebrate the school's 80th anniversary, a Joint School Family Cooking Competition was held by the Parent-Teacher Association on May 26.

The main ingredient in the competition was nothing more than the versatile noodle. There were three people in each team, and participants came from all Fung Kai sister schools, including kindergartens, primary schools, and secondary schools. In each section, there were four prizes, plus the overall competition award.

Participants had five minutes to choose their ingredients. Eight kinds of noodles were provided, including silver needle noodles, shrimp roe noodles, egg-fried noodles, jook-sing noodles, spinach and aloe noodles, carrot and aloe noodles and oily noodles (yi mein). The competitors had 30 minutes to create their dishes. All the participants took their work seriously, and the atmosphere was exciting.

The dishes were unique and interesting, with one of the most creative dishes being the Sunny Day team's butter and cheese noodles. They kneaded and rolled out some bread dough, then put a handful of butter and cheese noodles into the dough and folded it, before steaming the dough pieces. The end product was a fusion of Western and Eastern ingredients, but nevertheless very tasty.

The Chubbies were surrounded by many students from beginning to end, making it probably the most popular team. Having one of the teachers on their team probably added to their appeal. They prepared a fusion combo - a shrimp and needle noodle salad with honey mustard dressing, noodles with mushrooms in pesto sauce and a creme br?lee, a 'fiery' dessert with blow torch and all! Talk about adding heat to the kitchen.

Team Sunshine took a very serious attitude to the creation of their dishes, and at first, they refused to give an interview to avoid being distracted. However, eventually they were willing to answer a few questions about their secret recipe.

Their dish was Shanghai-style soup noodles, with two big fish resting on the top. It was dressed up with some red chilli and green vegetables and was very attractive.

Team Ha Ha kept 'Ha Ha-ing' all the time! They presented a very special noodle recipe - a combination of chilli, chayote and crab, using noodles to tie up everything into a roll. The team members said the food was healthy because it was rich in Vitamin A.

Finally, after much deliberation and mouth-watering moments, the excitement reached fever pitch. Judges Mr Fan, Mr Cho (from China Light and Power), Mr Tang, Mr Fung (Kam Hing Noodles) and Mr Fong (Ming Yue Tong, a Chinese herbal clinic) announced the winners.

The champions were the Bauhinia Team, which received four awards, including the Champion of the Whole Competition.

Afterwards, Mr Tang shared some tips on cooking noodles. He said shrimp-egg noodles should be soaked in water before being cooked as this is good for our health. He also said noodles with vegetables contained many nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, and the dishes were especially good for children.

The competition helped raise the students' interest in cooking, and strengthened the relationship with their teachers and parents. The students also learned that cooking skills can be useful, especially if they have to study abroad.

Karen Wong Man-sin and Ho Chi-ming, Form Four

Kennedy, Quarry Bay, Bradbury schools

To celebrate World Environment Day, held on June 5, and World Oceans Day on June 8, Kennedy School and Quarry Bay School students took action to raise awareness of the shark fin issue in Hong Kong.

Kennedy School organised a freeze mob with about 400 children from Year Four to Year Six. The students swam around like sharks, and then dropped to the 'ocean floor' and froze with their arms at their sides in a finless position for a few minutes.

A group of Year Four students designed T-shirts and had their iPads ready to persuade parents who were dropping off their kids to sign the Hong Kong Shark Foundation petition. Children were also encouraged to sign the petition during their ICT lesson.

Quarry Bay School staged a freeze mob at snack time for one minute, with children all on one leg with their arms behind their backs. They also created a giant display highlighting the shark fin issue in the art centre and urged all classes to visit it. All students were encouraged to sign the online petition.

Bradbury School children celebrated World Environment Day on June 1. The staff played football and netball matches against the children and the whole school had a meat-free and litter-less lunch for the day.

International College Hong Kong

Ugandan David Livingstone is motivated to take action against a growing problem - Joseph Kony and his rebel force, the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).

Kony, who is wanted for war crimes in Africa, has abducted thousands of children who are used as soldiers.

His actions are widely known around the world because of the short film, Kony 2012, made by campaign group, Invisible Children. It has been watched more than 85 million times on YouTube.

Sadly, awareness is powerless unless there is action. There are still more than 10,000 children used by the LRA - and more children are being enslaved every hour.

Livingstone, once a child soldier himself, is one of many people doing their best to tackle the problem. He is helping former child soldiers to be educated and start a new life.

He escaped after teaming up with other child soldiers and making a dash for freedom. After two groups of the LRA began fighting and shooting at each other, he and the others chose to flee.

Not all reached safety, but Livingstone was lucky. A woman in a nearby town helped him avoid recapture and reach a secure rehabilitation centre.

He now spends his life trying to help other former child soldiers. Many of them have come to the rehabilitation centre, but there is a shortage of places for many others.

Livingstone is working with Crossroads Foundation and other organisations to build schools and rehabilitation centres for former child soldiers - and end Kony's brutal reign.

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Ben, Harry and Noel, Class 7.1