Jackie Chan

Marching to the beat

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 26 June, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 26 June, 2012, 12:00am


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The winners of the Inter-school Marching Band Competition showed their style at an Olympic Day cum Olympic Run outside Hong Kong Disneyland Resort on Sunday.

Shung Tak Catholic English College in Yuen Long picked up a team prize worth HK$10,000 in the competition jointly organised by the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong (China) and Young Post.

By winning the event, it got to perform at the Olympic celebration.

The competition tested students on both their marching and video-making skills. Bands had to enter a video showing marching numbers.

Shung Tak band member Lonnie Chu Lok-yi, 16, said she did not expect to win. 'I was so surprised when I found out we won,' she said. But the fact that the band holds regular training probably explains why they did so well. 'We practise twice a week normally,' Chu said, 'and when there is a competition, we practise more frequently.'

The band's teacher, Christine Sing Man-kin, said sometimes students even sacrificed their recess time and lunch breaks to practise.

Hong Kong's hot and humid weather during the summer months does not make it easy for a marching band.

But Sing said the activity helped the students to cope with difficult situations and they now had a lot more confidence.

Chu said the band had been excited to play at the Olympic run. 'We had been having exams, and most of us had not played our instruments for a while.'

Band members were a little nervous before Sunday's performance because they had only one rehearsal, but Chu said they had overcome more challenging tasks before.

The band was once asked to play a new song just half an hour before a performance.