The cat that got the cream

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 26 June, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 26 June, 2012, 12:00am


If someone tells you that you look like the cat that got the cream, what do they mean? Listen to two conversations with people who look like 'the cat that got the cream', and then answer the questions.

Conversation 1

1 How old is Paul?

a. 18

b. 20

c. 17

2 Paul thought the present his grandma gave him for his 18th birthday was ...

a. an absolutely brilliant idea

b. a waste of time and money

c. a useful and thoughtful gift

3 At that time, Paul's interest in photography was .....

a. just starting

b. non-existent

c. huge

4 What got Paul interested in photography?

a. the user manual for his camera

b. a photo exhibition

c. a trip out with his girlfriend

5 What attitude did Paul's girlfriend have towards photography?

a. she didn't know much but was willing to learn

b. she was an expert when Paul met her

c. she was inspired by Paul's attitude

6 How long did it take Paul to learn how to use his camera once he got started?

a. six months

b. two years

c. no time at all

7 Paul's competition win has ...

a. made him depressed

b. ended his relationship

c. boosted his confidence

8 Paul thinks his win ...

a. is bad

b. is a mistake

c. is unbelievable

9 Paul's winning photo was a ...

a. scenic sea view

b. portrait of his girlfriend

c. still life

Conversation 2

10 In the second conversation, how does Pete know Claire?

a. They are neighbours.

b. They work in the same office.

c. They are father and daughter.

11 Claire's good mood is to do with ...

a. her promotion at work

b. a great cup of coffee

c. her future home

12 'To be all ears' means ....

a. to be very disappointed

b. to be angry

c. to be ready to listen carefully

13 Why did Claire think that the apartment she wanted would be hers?

a. Nobody else was interested in it.

b. Her meetings with the landlord had been very positive.

c. She offered double the asking rent.

14 What did she like about the balcony in the flat?

a. It was big and spacious.

b. It had a sea view.

c. It faced the sunset.

15 Why had the landlord changed his mind about renting the flat to Claire?

a. His wife had told him to.

b. She offered him more money.

c. She didn't ask.

16 'To be on cloud nine' means ...

a. to be exhausted

b. to be very happy

c. to be extremely confused


1. b, 2. b, 3. b, 4. c, 5. a, 6. c, 7. c, 8. c, 9. a, 10. b, 11. c, 12. c, 13. b, 14. b, 15. c, 16. b