PUBLISHED : Sunday, 01 July, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 01 July, 2012, 12:00am


G/F China Tower
1-9 Lin Fa Kung Street West
Causeway Bay
Tel: 2570 6858

Grub: American.

Vibe: Stones is tucked away down a little backstreet in Tai Hang. It seems to have very few customers in the afternoon so you can choose your seating, depending on whether you'd prefer to watch the American sports or old Charlie Chaplain silent comedies on the two large TV screens. Background music is a mix of rock and R&B.

Who to take: Go after school with a bunch of friends.

What's hot: The menu seems a little pricey at first, until you realise the servings are American-sized, so most dishes are easily shared between two.

The menu suggests that the snacks are for sharing. There are half a dozen to choose from, including crab cakes, deep-fried shrimps and ever-popular nachos. The spicy buffalo wings are big and meaty, and served with a deliciously tangy blue cheese dressing. If you can't make your mind up between onion rings and fries, consider the 'Fring', a combination of both served with barbecue sauce.

There are a few salads, which can come with either chicken, salmon or steak.

The five burgers don't have names but numbers. One is a wagyu beef patty with mozzarella cheese, roasted tomato, truffle oil and horseradish. Another is US prime beef with bacon and pepper jack cheese.

An unusual option is a tuna fish patty with guacamole, jack cheese and a poached egg on top. It takes a while to accept that something that looks like a burger actually tastes like fish, but after that it is really quite enjoyable. All the burgers are served with either fries or salad.

You can also build your own burger: choose from a range of patties and add toppings. The patties also include a spicy beef dog and a 'He who can't hunt burger', which sounds suspiciously like a vegetarian option.

Desserts include warm chocolate pudding, cheesecake and a 'chef's selection' which varies daily.

What's not: The range of soft drinks is a bit disappointing - some smoothies or shakes would have been welcome. Ask for an extra plate and extra napkins if you order the buffalo wings. You need a plate for the bones, and no matter how careful you are, the sauce will do its best to get on your shirt.

Cost: Snacks range from around HK$50 to HK$88. Burgers are all around HK$100, except the wagyu beef one which is HK$138. Main courses start at HK$108. Two people sharing can probably eat well for about HK$150 each.