Love conquers all, no matter how you say it

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 07 July, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 07 July, 2012, 12:00am

Solomon Leeder already knew several languages.

But the one that had eluded him - until he met Bess Chan - was the language of love.

Bess, a flight attendant with Virgin Atlantic, married Solomon, a lawyer, on May 27 at the Heichinrou restaurant in Central, celebrating with 60 relatives.

The couple were set up by a mutual friend and met for the first time six years ago at a house party.

'I was really impressed by his language skills,' Bess recalled. 'He's British, so of course he's fluent in English but he also speaks Cantonese and Putonghua.'

Their first rendezvous went so well that Solomon and Bess shared a romantic dance at the party.

The next day Solomon called and asked Bess on out on the following weekend but she already had plans. Not easily deterred, the persistent Solomon called again and this time got himself a date.

'He was pretty aggressive,' Bess said.

On their first date, Solomon took her to a Japanese restaurant. Though he wasn't a big fan of the cuisine, Bess was. And that night, they held hands for the first time.

If you think the courtship got off to a quiet start, it was quite a different story when they finally decided to give love a chance after a few dates.

In 2010, the couple took a break from their jobs to travel the globe. They backpacked for six months, travelling across Europe and the Middle East.

'I learned so much from him during this trip,' Bess said. 'Honestly, before I met him, shopping was the biggest incentive when I went on holiday. But, travelling with him, I enjoyed it so much more.'

There were hiccups and setbacks during the journey that put their love to the test and made them believe they were meant for each other.

When they returned from their globe-trotting, Solomon asked Bess' father for his daughter's hand in marriage.

The couple started planning for their big day but Solomon didn't actually propose until weeks before their wedding day.

'Solomon said he was going to cook for me at home, so I went straight home from the airport. But when I got there he was acting weird and said the toilet wasn't working,' Bess recalled.

The truth was, Solomon had hidden a big bouquet in the bathroom and wanted to surprise her. Bess was wise to his plan and the surprise fell a bit flat. But she was surprised when Solomon did not have the ring on him.

He had laid out all Bess' beloved plush toys on their bed and put the engagement ring on her favourite toy. He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Bess said yes right away.

'Solomon has made me a better person. We respect each other and trust each other at all times,' she said. 'It's also good that we have our own space to keep our love fresh.'

The couple went island hopping in Greece for their honeymoon last month.


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