Roving good time on internet route

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 14 July, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 14 July, 2012, 12:00am


This week's top 10 album downloads on iTunes

1 Uncaged, Zac Brown Band

2 Old School New Rules, Hank Williams, Jr

3 Living Things, Linkin Park

4 Some Nights, Fun.

5 Murdered Love, P.O.D.

6 Up All Night (Deluxe Version), One Direction

7 Welcome to the Fishbowl, Kenny Chesney

8 Believe (Deluxe Edition), Justin Bieber

9 The Lumineers, The Lumineers

10 You Get What You Give, Zac Brown Band

Top photo

If you took a spin on Mars, this is what you'd see...

Opportunity, Nasa's Mars Exploration Rover, which celebrated its 3,000th day on the planet on July 2, has taken photos of the rugged Mars terrain using a panoramic camera. A total of 817 images - taken from a mast-mounted camera - were combined to provide us back on Earth with a full-circle image. The photos were taken between December 21, 2011 and May 8 while Opportunity was stationed in an area called 'Greeley Haven', carrying out chemical and mineral work on the edge of a massive impact crater. Opportunity first landed on Mars in January 2004 on a mission that was expected to last only three months. If you are interested to learn more, go to Nasa's page for students and try the online rover image experience.

Top trend


We spend lots of time online, but there'll always be things we want to read later, useful information we want to keep for reference, or things we hope to buy in future. But it's easy to forget to save the links, and then never find them again. Clipix can solve this: it helps users organise their digital life by personalising clipboards that they can come back to whenever they want.

After signing up with either your Facebook or Twitter account, you simply drag the 'clip' button to your bookmark bar of your internet browser. Then, if you find something you want to keep, just clip it to a clipboard. You can also upload PDF, Word and Excel files and clip them. Links become large squares on a clipboard, making them easy to see and organise.

The clipboards can be set to private, public or visible only to friends. You can even share clipboards with friends - useful when your birthday is coming up and you need to give a few hints about certain gift ideas.

Top videos on YouTube

Tom catches our attention with a ball - or is it all a con?

After intensive practice at home, nine-year-old Tom shows his amazing throwing skills with a cup and a table tennis ball. More than 990,000 people have seen the video, but some believe he was faking it. Watch and decide for yourself.

Moonwalker's street performance looks wheely something

This is some of the most impressive moonwalking you'll ever see - or is it moonrunning? Street performer Eric Nash shows off his out-of-this-world moves (top right).

Boisterous pandas let things slide ... again and again

Children aren't the only ones to love playgrounds. These pandas just can't get enough of the slide at Chengdu Panda Base (right).

In other news ...

Filmmaker 'chats' with 12-year-old self Thirty-two-year-old filmmaker Jeremiah McDonald has made a video where he chats with his 12-year-old self.

He edited the film he made of himself as a boy with new footage so it appears he and his younger self are having a face-to-face conversation. It's intriguing to see the comparison of him - with or without baby fat. But, no, that is not the main point. They 'chatted' about pets, old toy robots and the internet - all incredibly funny.

The 12-year-old reminded the older Jeremiah of his childhood dreams of becoming an animator, and also his long-lost passion for drawing. See if this inspires you to make a video for yourself in the future.