A good week for ...

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 15 July, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 15 July, 2012, 12:00am


Ann Hui On- wah

The filmmaker won two awards at the Paris Cinema International Film Festival for her latest work, A Simple Life. Hui won the Audience Prize and the Student Prize, the latter being judged by a panel of nine students aided by festival president Charlotte Rampling. One of a handful of successful female filmmakers in Hong Kong, Hui has previously scooped three best director prizes from the Hong Kong Film Awards. She said last year: 'I will see myself as making it in life if I can direct a movie that I think is very good. That is my hope.'

Kim Jong-un

For the first time since taking office in December, North Korea's 20-something leader was seen in the company of a woman, although no one outside his immediate circle seemed to know whether she was his partner or younger sister. The North's state television on Sunday aired footage of the woman in her late 20s joining a beaming Kim at a function in tribute to his late grandfather, Kim Il-sung. Some South Korean media reports suggested she was Kim's younger sister, Yo-jong, who is believed to have studied in Switzerland along with him in the 1990s. Others reports suggested the pair were married or lovers.

Joe Gordon

The 55-year-old Thai-born US citizen was freed from a Bangkok jail after King Bhumibol pardoned him for insulting the monarchy. Gordon pleaded guilty to lese-majeste by translating into Thai some excerpts from a book about the king and posting them on his blog in the United States. He was arrested in May last year on a visit to Thailand and sentenced to 21/2 years in jail last December.