Construction firm builds on excellence

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 17 July, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 17 July, 2012, 12:00am


To bronze-award winner Chun Wo Development Holdings, quality not only means business, but also defines the organisation's culture and supports its growth.

Chairman Dominic Pang says the HKMA criteria are similar to the core values and concepts adopted by Chun Wo's management, including commitment, concern, care, collaboration, credit, courage and continuity. These core values - known as '7C' - form the bedrock of its long-term strategy and success, and drive its daily operations.

Some of its quality-focused initiatives include proactive strategic planning in adapting to rapidly changing economic and commercial environments.

With its eyes constantly on the market, Chun Wo ensures that it can maximise its strengths and opportunities, while minimising the impact of a volatile market and potential market threats.

'We closely follow trends and events in our industry and keep track of our competitors to learn from their good and bad points and also to analyse their developmental directions,' Pang says. 'This helps us make adjustments and reviews to enhance our operations and business practices. We welcome suggestions from clients and seek their views through various channels to provide the very best in customer service.'

The construction industry is not generally service-oriented. So for Chun Wo, one of the main government contractors, it was even more unusual for it to take on a more customer-oriented approach when it established the Partnership Workshop several years ago. Through this alliance, Chun Wo has managed to establish closer business and operational ties with associates to improve communication and achieve the best results.

Deputy chairman Derrick Pang believes that if a business wants to do well, it must have a strong company culture that thrives on building and constantly improving its overall quality. He says Chun Wo is inspired by three enduring missions and seven core values. The former comprise improving people's quality of life through city and infrastructure development, growing with employees by providing a fulfilling work environment and career development, and creating value for shareholders.

Its core values include commitment, environmental concern, customer care, collaboration in delivering the best results through teamwork, acknowledgement of top performers and valuing contributors, courage in problem solving, and maintaining quality continuity.

'A company that makes quality in everything it does a top priority certainly builds loyalty and pride among its staff. Our team is our biggest asset. We are proud of every one of our employees and we certainly hope they feel the same about us,' Derrick Pang says.

'Over the past seven years, the construction sector has experienced a roller-coaster ride through many financial storms, regional and global. Chun Wo managed to weather the turbulence unscathed because of our diversified strategic development plans. This diversity has helped us cast our vision far and wide to have a more macro picture of the market so that we could respond swiftly in minimising any possible negative impact.

'During the hard times, we put high emphasis on occupational safety in order to retain our talent and experienced staff. We have also conducted many professional training programmes such as the Elite Training Programme and Core Program for staff to upgrade their knowledge and practical skills over the years.'

Dominic Pang says budget control is often far more important than creativity for government projects. 'But,' he adds, 'if time permits, we still try to incorporate creativity - with an eye on the bottom line - to have the best of both worlds.'

Chun Wo promotes its missions and core values among staff to create a sense of solidarity. Effective ways are through internal communications and regular staff functions. Both the chairman and deputy chairman think Chun Wo, and the industry in general, have benefited immensely from this year's HKMA Quality Award programme as it has put exemplary service in the spotlight, giving this fundamental principle a big push to raise the sector's overall standards.

'This award not only reaffirms our efforts to provide the very best in services and products, but also gives the company a strong impetus to advance our development,' Dominic Pang says. 'We thank the judging panel for their endorsement and support and hope to repeat our success in the years ahead.'