Handyman on murder, fraud charges

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 19 July, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 19 July, 2012, 12:00am


A handyman killed a 74-year-old man before impersonating him to withdraw HK$600,000 from banks, the Court of First Instance was told yesterday.

Alan Ng Nga-lun, 52, pleaded not guilty in the Court of First Instance to murdering Tang Lo-loi at his house in Tseng Tau Village, Ma On Shan, on November 9, 2010. He pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud in stealing HK$600,000 from Tang's bank accounts at HSBC and Bank of China on the day following Tang's death.

The court heard that Ng, impersonating Tang by donning a cap and a stick, fooled bank staff about his identity and withdrew funds from Tang's bank accounts.

He produced Tang's identity card, bank card and bank book and signed Tang's name on documents. He made off with HK$590,000 in cash from an HSBC branch in Tsuen Wan, and 10,000 yuan from a BOC branch, the court was told.

Prosecutor John Dunn told the Court of First Instance that Ng and the victim met when they both lived in Tseng Tau Village for several years, before Ng left the community in 2008.

Ng had done renovation work for Tang, a native villager who had left his family in Britain in 1992, when he retired, and returned to the village.

Tang owned two Spanish-style villas in the village.

He lived on the ground floor of one unit and rented out the other five units for income.

Tang's body was found by his cousin, who entered Tang's home and found him lying on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood.

An autopsy found Tang died from repeated blows to his head. Ng's palm print was found on the fridge in Tang's kitchen, the court heard.

Police tracked down a motorboat driver who said he had carried Ng back and forth between Hong Kong and the mainland illegally, Dunn said.

Ng's girlfriend told police that Ng had borrowed her personalised Octopus card in early November, the month Tang was killed.

The payment history on the Octopus card showed Ng had travelled to Tseng Tau Village on the day of Tang's death and the day before, Dunn said.

Ng travelled from his girlfriend's home near Kwai Chung.

Ng fled Hong Kong the day after the killing, Dunn said.

Ng called his girlfriend, telling her that he had hidden HK$30,000 for her in her kitchen.

A few days later he told her that he had hidden a further HK$200,000 in her flat, and asked her to send it to on to two addresses on the mainland.

The trial continues.