PUBLISHED : Thursday, 19 July, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 19 July, 2012, 12:00am


Here's some advice: try to adopt a pet

Being a responsible pet owner is not an easy job. It is much more than just providing food, water and shelter for your pet. You must also show that you truly care about the animal.

Some people will buy a cute pet as a love token. However, the pet is often abandoned when the relationship ends.

If you decide to keep a pet, then you must realise you have to learn to understand it without the use of language.

Remember, you are your pet's world, so be kind to the animal. You should also be patient when it is naughty, and when it gets older, you will need to take extra special care of it.

Last but not least, there are too many homeless animals that have been abandoned by people. If you can, please adopt one.

Ivy Siu

How to bring a smile to people's faces

Have you shared your food, your favourite books or even your love with those around you?

Sharing and lending a helping hand is the best way to bring a smile to people's faces - and your own.

It's fun to see how you can change people's moods simply by sharing. It's about thinking of others and is much more meaningful than enjoying what your parents and friends give you. But you should never think of sharing as a way to make friends.

So remember to give those around you a helping hand and show them you care, every day!

Ada Chan

Good to be loved for your inner beauty

I cannot accept the use of cosmetic surgery. Traditionally, we believe that our bodies are a gift from our parents and we should not harm them or change them without good reason.

Moreover, I think that even if we decide to have cosmetic surgery to improve our appearance, it is more important to change our inner beauty.

Maybe people will be attracted by a gorgeous face. But they will ignore us if we do not have anything interesting to say. Therefore, I think it is pointless to change our appearance - we might as well stay true to ourselves.

I believe that people with confidence always look better anyway.

I also think that everyone wants people to love them not only for their appearance, but also for who they are. I think that's because good looks will fade as we become older. The only lasting treasures are the things we have learned.

Jay Tam, Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

Kitchen ban risks children's health

I am surprised at the news that most Hong Kong children are eager to learn how to cook, yet their parents consider the kitchen off-limits.

I truly regard those parents as monsters. They just focus on what they expect from their children rather than their children's interests.

What concerns me most, however, is that, if people cannot cook, they may have no option but to eat out. However, many restaurant meals contain a large amount of salt, fat and sugar. They are unhealthy and pose serious health hazards for the public.

In short, by not paying attention to what their kids want to do, parents are putting their children's health at risk.

Prudence Cheng Tsz-ping

The tricky art of communication

Communication is the spread of information and ideas between people. There are many ways of communicating and people have their personal preferences.

Communication seems to be a very simple thing, but is it? When we communicate, we are drawing on a lot of skills and it can be harder for some people. Good communication can improve your relationships with others. But poor communication can have negative effects.

Some people do not have any friends because they just do not know how to communicate, while others seem to be born with good communication skills.

So getting through to people and understanding them is no easy task. But you can learn to be good at this. As long as we pay more attention to everyday life, we can improve our communication skills.

Please spend a little more time learning how to communicate and it could make your life change forever.

Ivy Chan