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PUBLISHED : Saturday, 21 July, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 21 July, 2012, 12:00am


This week's top 10 album downloads on iTunes

1 Uncaged, Zac Brown Band

2 Some Nights, Fun.

3 Up All Night (Deluxe Version), One Direction

4 21, Adele

5 Living Things, Linkin Park

6 The Lumineers, The Lumineers

7 Welcome to the Fishbowl, Kenny Chesney

8 Believe (Deluxe Edition), Justin Bieber

9 My Head Is an Animal, Of Monsters and Men

10 Tailgates & Tanlines, Luke Bryan

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Hanging around for the Games

A large audience gathered as the 'One Extraordinary Day' performances took place in London last Sunday. American choreographer and dance teacher Elizabeth Streb spent two years scouting perfect locations in the British capital for her events during the London 2012 Festival. To open the extravaganza, Streb walked gracefully out of City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames, flanked by two dancers. Then the trio abseiled down the building's glass structure. Extreme circus-like performances, choreographed by Streb, also took place at other famous landmarks, including bungee jumping off the Millennium Bridge and dance routines in Trafalgar Square. They formed a part of the Cultural Olympiad which coincides with the 2012 London Olympics.

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Amazing Alex poised to clean upAngry Birds fans, say hello to your next addiction.

Created by Rovio Entertainment, the developer that gave us Angry Birds, Amazing Alex is all about physics and engineering. The goal is to help Alex clean his room by building devices from the numerous gadgets he has in there. Using materials ranging from pipes to balloons and scissors, you must position them in a way so that chain reactions will take place. For example: arrange Alex's shelves so that they guide a series of floating balloons towards a pair of scissors. Arrows will appear and let you know the objective of the level each time.

The game becomes harder as you progress and more levels are introduced, but hopefully, you will help Alex tidy everything up. Cleaning has never been more fun.

Available on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android.

Top videos on YouTube

All together now ...

Actors Nicholas Braun and Kyle Kaplan show just how much they 'hate' hearing Gotye's too-frequently-played single Somebody That I Used to Know when it comes on during their drive.

Barking mad

Dogs love chasing and biting things: cats, birds, bouncing balls. But this border collie has a taste for oncoming traffic.

Shaven not stirred

Prankster Jozaeh gives his friends and family quite a shock by using a wig made out of his own hair!

In other news ...

A handful of purr-fection

A 'perma-kitten' named Bub will remain miniature for the rest of her life due to a genetic mutation she was born with. Bub became an internet sensation after her owner, Bub (yup, the same name), posted videos and photos of the toothless pocket-sized cat on sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The cat, which goes by the social networking name 'Lil Bub', even has an Instagram account with more than 5,000 followers.