Leung Chun-ying

It's a matter of trust, C.Y.

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 24 July, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 24 July, 2012, 12:00am


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There has been no honeymoon period for Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying since he took office on July 1.

His integrity has been questioned over numerous illegal structures at his home on The Peak.

He has demolished them and apologised, but demonstrations were held on the day he took up the post and many questions remain.

Young Post asked Hong Kong students what they would like to say or ask him, if given the chance.

Here are some of their comments.

Nicole Liang, 15, PLK Choi Kai Yau School

As a leader, integrity is a really important quality. Throughout all the events that have happened, it is sad to see your integrity being questioned and at a low point.

Explaining and admitting your flaws will bring no benefits at this stage.

But, a brief explanation to the public will provide a short-term interval of 'peace' - both for society and yourself.

Jolie Lau, 15, HKCCCU Logos Academy

I'm still supporting you wholeheartedly. I believe you'll be a great chief executive of Hong Kong.

Even though I am amazed by how Hongkongers have come together to fight for what they want, I think they're a bit over the top about the integrity issue over the illegal structures.

Maybe it was all just a mistake?

Joshua Wang, 16, Yew Chung International School

We are aligned in our protests and movements. Our demands for democracy are our single desire. All I hope for is a government for the people, driven only by the public's needs, and liberated from redundant politics. That's what we hope for.

Matthew Suen, 16, Queen Elizabeth School

You - an Executive Council convener for many years - denied claims of illegal structures at your home during the election campaign. But the media revealed at least six illegal structures in your house. It has been alleged that you gave false information and tried to deceive the public. If you deliberately lied, then it brings into question whether you can hold such a high office as Chief Executive and govern us for the next five years. The issue is not about whether you built illegal structures, but whether you deliberately fabricated an explanation afterwards.

Howard Yeung, 19, Chinese University of Hong Kong

I expect you to be a powerful leader: someone with your own vision, who truly has the best interests of Hong Kong at heart and will not be shaken by the tongues of politicians and media - regardless of the great pressure you face in the future.

I expect you to be a commanding, trustworthy leader as you serve the public. We need a leader who dares to bring us real changes in the new era.

Hong Kong cannot rely forever on its past successes and the support of the mainland. So surprise us, but do not disappoint us.

Lillian Wat, 18, Wa Ying College

How many passionate voices have you heard from the July 1 demonstrations? Hong Kong people are hoping for democracy, liberty, stability, happiness, and an honest chief executive who is worthy of our respect and trust. Being a decision-maker in the government, please make the right choices for Hong Kong over the next five years and fight for our future - so one day we can enjoy universal suffrage.

Fiona Lee, 16, St Margaret's Girls College

C.Y. Leung, why don't you just tell the citizens the truth and say sorry?