PUBLISHED : Thursday, 26 July, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 26 July, 2012, 12:00am


Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop

This rustic-looking croissant has a deep colour and is larger than the other samples. The air pockets between the layers of pastry are wide and irregular, making this light and very puffy. The outer layers are crisp, and the inside is soft and buttery. The pastry is slightly salty, which seems to bring out the richness of the butter and makes it moreish.

HK$19, Mandarin Oriental, 15 Queen's Road Central, Central

Pret A Manger

Served straight from the warm glass cabinets in the stores, these elongated croissants entice many a passer-by. But aside from satisfying extreme hunger, it's hard to recommend them for anything else. They have a bizarre, slightly sweet flavour reminiscent of corn syrup, and on the whole they are far too dense. The exterior is very hard to bite into.

HK$14, citywide

Simply Life

Light golden brown, with clear layers and slightly glossy on the top, these croissants look as though they jumped out of a textbook. The pastry is evenly puffed, creating thin, flaky layers on the outside and a soft, sponge-like interior with uniform pockets of air. However, they are a little dry and despite ticking all the boxes on looks, you can hardly detect the butter.

HK$9, citywide

Le Salon de The de Jo?l Robuchon

Biting into this is like biting into layers of silk - it's obviously made out of the finest flour. The golden brown exterior is crisp and flaky, but strong enough to offer some bite. The texture is smooth and delicate. The taste of butter is obvious but not heavy and it is subtly sweet, like fresh cream, making it perfect for breakfast, accompanied by jam.

HK$15, Shop 315, 3/F Landmark, 12-16 Queen's Road Central, Central

Petite Amanda

Halfway into the first bite, you could be fooled into thinking this is the best croissant you've ever tasted. Delicate, crisp and with just the right amount of caramelised flavour, alongside the balanced, dainty flavour of butter. Once in the middle, however, the pastry becomes an unpleasantly dense coil that makes it rather chewy.

HK$16, Shop 2096, IFC mall, 8 Finance Street, Central