Paws for thought

PUBLISHED : Friday, 27 July, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 27 July, 2012, 12:00am


What goes woooooshhhh ... eep eep eep eep? Me in a typhoon, hee hee.

Boy, was I glad not to be in the 852 this week. Little pup as I am, I shudder at the thought of being carried away by wind, kind of like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Well, I'd be more like Toto, I guess. Can you imagine what would happen with my big ears? Airborne!

And I just know the editor would have made me get into my oilskins and head out to Big Wave Bay to face off against howling wind and pounding water. It's like an insider joke to journalists that all the new guys have to do the bad weather stories.

But honestly I would rather be in the office, investigating the food wall, or hanging out with my new Filipino buddy Guyito. He's a water buffalo so he would be better suited to do that report, right!

Anyhow, is everyone ready for the second biggest parteh of the year? Deputy editor Karly claims the queen's jubilee party was 'the one' for the year; well, for the past 60 years really.

But I say it's the Olympics. It's good that those local TV people managed to come up with a deal to show the Games in Hong Kong. I'm going to have the office all to myself, which means I have the TV all to myself, which means I have ... the power! Erm, okay I mean the remote control.

Guyito doesn't seem to mind that I love hogging the remote. He's a pretty quiet chap, eats lots of grass and contributes in his own way to global warming. Peee eeuw.

Being Team YP's official mascot (some newbies would do well to remember that), I have to ask what you think of London's Olympic mascots. I mean, ours for Beijing at the last Olympics were not great, sure. But come on, WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS?

Their giant one eye is quite icky, if you ask me. As are their really short legs, overly long arms and their physique that makes them look like pudgy street dancers. Just weird all around. Even their names: Wenlock and Mandeville. What's up with that?

Meanwhile, that big London bus that does push-ups is nice and funky. But what's the point of having a bus do push-ups if people - or adventuresome pups - are not even allowed to get onboard? I mean, come on! I disapprove. Yes sir, I do! Don't let me go barking mad about this ...!

This week, the YP team has started to tweet. We know you've got a lot to say, especially on the national education idea, so we want to hear from you. Follow us @youngposthk. I'm going to try to get a special keypad so I, too, can tweet and keep in touch with my thousands of fans. See ya there!