How to horse around - and have fun at the fair

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 31 July, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 31 July, 2012, 12:00am


Remember the great days out at the theme park? Riding the carousel was always the best! Craft enthusiast Emily Lam Yee-mei shows Joyee Chan how to recreate a merry-go-round with Perler beads - also called melty beads!

What you'll need

Plastic grid boards

Melty beads


Baking paper

Household iron

Bamboo rods


1 Arrange beads one by one on a square grid board to create three horses.

2 Cover your design with baking paper

3 Preheat a household iron to the medium setting. Keeping the iron level, gently iron the beads in a circular motion for 10 seconds to fuse the beads evenly. When ironed properly, the beads will still have an open centre

4 Once the design is cool, peel off the baking paper. Flip it over, cover with more baking paper and iron the other side

5 Arrange the beads on a round grid board to create five discs in the pictured patterns. Leave gaps in one disc to fit the horses. Fuse the discs with an iron

6 To assemble the design, pierce the centre of three discs, one by one, with a long bamboo rod

7 Flip the carousel over. Slide beads onto the bamboo rod, leaving a 2cm space

8 Fix two discs to the other end of the bamboo rod. And position the horses into the gaps