Two triad bosses sentenced to death

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 01 August, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 15 August, 2012, 10:42pm


Two kingpins of the biggest triad crime syndicate in Wenzhou have been sentenced to death, while another boss has received a suspended death sentence.

According to the Wenzhou Intermediate People's Court, which heard the case on Monday, the three criminals led a gang involved in casino operations. But disagreements with rivals often culminated in huge street fights.

In June of last year, 140 people took part in a street brawl between syndicate members and another gang. The fight was over ownership rights to a casino in a village in Pingyang county in Wenzhou , Zhejiang . To distinguish who was who, one group wore red gloves, and the other white ones, The Beijing News reports. Two people were killed in the fighting.

The court's verdict said Ying Xiaodu, Ying Kongxiu and Wang Maoshu, who opened the casino in early June, had disagreements with an alleged rival gangster, Pan Pengbing, and his associates. They were from outside Wenzhou and were trying to get a share of the casino. The two Yings received the death sentence and Wang received the suspended one.

On the night of June 14 of last year, they organised an undisclosed number of people, armed with knives, to attack Pan, who fled. Later the two groups agreed to a fight, and each party enlisted about 70 people.

Both sides handed out to their members assorted guns, knives, steel pipes, axes and vests reinforced with steel sheets.

Later that night, the two groups gathered at an avenue near a railway station in Pingyang county. A gun battle ensued, forcing the 'white army' to retreat. They fled in cars and taxis but turned around suddenly and drove at the 'red army' who were running behind them. Seven members of the red-gloved group were hit, with two later dying.

Thirty-three members in the syndicate were handed sentences ranging from 11/2 years to 71/2 years. The court will hear the case against their rival group soon.

On Monday, the intermediate court and eight lower courts in the city announced verdicts on a total of 187 suspects involved in 46 triad- related crimes such as murder, the Wenzhou City News reported.

The municipal police and judiciary authorities this week launched an intensified crackdown against triad-related crimes, the newspaper said.


The number of triad members who allegedly took part in a running street fight last year involving guns, knives and makeshift armour