STAY smart

PUBLISHED : Friday, 03 August, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 15 August, 2012, 10:54pm


New technologies are giving birth to a new generation of televisions, still considered to be an integral part of every stylish home. In addition to great resolution, televisions today work seamlessly with technology and the internet to bring the whole family together to get both entertainment and information from the comfort of a sofa.

Apart from basic functions, new models can perform like a computer, or tablet, to go online, install apps and select online TV shows directly via apps. This function is comparable to those offered by mobile phones or tablet PCs, but with the addition of a huge TV screen.

Samsung's new smart TVs weave in innovative functions, such as voice control, motion control, face recognition and exclusive upgrades. Its ES8000 and ES7000 series support an innovative Evolution Kit. Users can handily upgrade their TV with the latest functions and services by purchasing and installing an Evolution Kit at the back of the set.

'Televisions, a large screen at home, have become the heart of family entertainment, connecting family members with the sharing of fun and information. Through three epochal breakthroughs - Smart Interaction, Smart Content and Smart Evolution - we hope to gratify users with interactive viewing delights, catering to their lifestyle and need with unlimited wonders,' says Benny Yu, product marketing director of consumer electronics at Samsung Electronics.

Greco Lam, a director at Patsy House Electrical Company, says the development of high-definition TV and digital broadcasting technology has faded out traditional models. 'Sharp developed the first LCD TV and other brands, such as LG, Sony and Samsung, followed suit. The smart TV by Samsung is stealing the limelight, as it takes technology to the next level because the slim model has sharper images and additional functions. About 60 per cent of my business comes from foreigners and, among those looking for a TV, half would go for the newest and top-tier model as they love gadgets.'

While emphasising entertainment, a green element is also stressed in the design process. Sony's BRAVIA Full HD 3D Internet TV's new HX series and EX series feature a light sensor that will automatically adjust the backlight depending on ambient room light. The setting saves energy and improves image contrast by lowering the backlight when it is set unnecessarily high in dimmer room light. The HX series is equipped with scene-optimised energy saving, which adjusts picture and backlight settings according to the programme type, saving up to 30 per cent of energy.