Playing it cool

PUBLISHED : Friday, 03 August, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 15 August, 2012, 10:58pm


'Is there anybody here who is NOT an alien?' - Agent J (played by Will Smith) in Men in Black

Who is Jay?

Agent J is a member of the organisation Men in Black, an undercover network of highly trained agents whose job is to protect Earth from aliens. The MiB team monitors and suppresses, where necessary, extra-terrestrial activity on our planet. There's no doubt that beings from other planets are among us, and sometimes they aren't here for peaceful purposes. Jay and his fellow agents, under the command of Agent O, root out anti-Earth forces and eliminate them.

If there's a Will, there's a way

Agent J is a cool dude in black. Nothing fazes Agent J, and he keeps his good humour and sense of duty in even the most bizarre situations.

When he joined MiB, he was full of youthful enthusiasm and boundless energy. But, over the years, he has calmed down a lot and is now a well-respected senior agent, although he still hasn't quite conquered his natural tendency to be arrogant and loud-mouthed.

Is that an alien I see before me?

Jay has an unerring ability to sniff out aliens and this has earned him great admiration within the organisation. Today Jay has evolved from being an irritating youngster to someone who is well in control of himself and knows what he's doing.

Has there been any trouble with aliens in your neighbourhood recently? Probably not. And that is thanks to the cool skill and bravery of Agent J and team MiB.

How did he get the job?

The MiB organisation is very hush-hush, so how did Agent J get the job? It isn't as if potential MiB agents see an advert and fill in an application form.

Agent J began his working career as an officer in the New York Police Department. Agent K spotted the ability of James Edwards and, certain that Edwards could do the demanding job of an MiB agent, he recruited the young man to the team. When Edwards agreed, all memory of his former personal and working life was wiped out. That is the high price an MiB agent has to pay for his new life. James Edwards was now Agent J. Men in Black come to you, not you to them, when they need to recruit.

Jay's wit

Agent J loves using words almost as much as he loves using MiB gadgets. In fact, he can be a bit of a motor-mouth at times. He is very quick-witted and often a clever remark comes out of his mouth before he has time to think. Hyperactive delivery, quick-fire lines and street talk are Agent J's specialities.

His conversations with Agent K are usually short, sharp and to the point. 'What's the most destructive power in the universe?' Agent K asks. 'Sugar,' Jay replies.

'Don't ask questions you don't want the answers to,' advises Agent J. He sums up his philosophy of life with the words: 'My attitude is, don't start nothing, don't BE nothing.' If there are quick, witty words to say on a subject, Agent J will have them!