Advert tragically deceptive

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 28 December, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 08 May, 2015, 4:29pm


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MANY thanks to Julian Smalley (South China Morning Post, December, 14) and Nick Booth (Post, December 16), for elaborating on the intention of the original song, the adapted version of which appears in the Mercedes Benz advert as, 'Lord, please send me a Mercedes Benz'.

I agree with them and have no problem with the original at all. Its intention is quite clear and the sarcasm is very evident in the way Janis Joplin sings it.

The Mercedes version however (quite understandably) has none of that intention and so needs to be taken at face value.

My point of issue is with what Mercedes Benz is trying to say through its version of the song and advert, and not with the original sentiments.

In suggesting that Hong Kong residents are probably oblivious to sarcasm Nick Booth has highlighted clearly where the problem of perception lies. The advert is implying that the aforementioned vehicle is the fulfilment of our deepest desires, the answer to our problems and the just reward for all our hard work.

Many people will receive this philosophy and as a result will be fundamentally deceived in the direction of their lives.

That, I believe, is a tragedy which is at the heart of much of the unrest among the Hong Kong people and which is taking a far greater toll on our society than the spectre of 1997.

TONY READ Braemar Hill