PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 08 August, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 15 August, 2012, 11:11pm


Look of the week


Collar 'necklaces' are all the rage right now. A faux Peter Pan shirt or denim collar suits almost any outfit and occasion. They've been featured in several of the latest K-Pop music videos, so they must be hot, hot, hot.

Shimmering body lotion

It's likely you still have a few beach trips before summer's over, so make the most of your bikini look with some bling body gel. It's available at cosmetics stores, or you can make your own by mixing a little shimmer powder into your favourite body lotion.

All laced up

Lace is sweet for summer. Try a pair of white lace shorts for a practical, yet utterly girly look. Or wear a lacy vest under a brightly coloured shirt, or lace dress with a lightweight cardigan and show off your layering skills. Whether it's an outfit made entirely from the delicate fabric or just a subtle trim, you can't go wrong with lace this summer.

Snack attack

It's tempting in winter to eat heavy, greasy comfort foods, but with so many juicy fruits and veggies growing their best in summer, there's no excuse not to get some extra freshness in your diet. Have a fruit juice instead of a soda, add a handful of rocket to your ham sandwich or a cup of peas to your mid-morning noodles.

Green & chic

Girls, there's a whole new place to shop, a hidden treasure that you may have donated to, but might not know is actually an Aladdin's cave of new outfits! The Salvation Army Family Stores collect and clean the old clothes donated by others and sell them at a low price. You might think 'old'; we say 'vintage'. You might need a little time to dig through the rough, but it's definitely worth trying - you never know what diamonds you may unearth.

Slumber party movie trio

War seems to be a necessary evil - woven into the terrible events are often stories of hope and love.

Keep an eye out for ...

Get creative with your smartphone and turn it into a virtual potter's wheel. Pottery Lite is a free app available in iTunes and Google Play. Upgrade to the paid version if you get really good!

Celeb news

Bieber Watch

JB's tour director, Jon Chu, is holding an online search for dancers for the singer's upcoming Believe tour. Which means a) the tour is COMING and b) you potentially could be a part of it. If you're really, really good. Visit for more details.

1D Observer

The boys are said to have sold 12 million records in less than 12 months, including five million copies of What Makes You Beautiful. Clearly the one direction they chose to head in was the right one.

In other news ...

Princes William and Harry confessed they were as shocked as the billions of viewers watching the Olympics opening ceremony when their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, appeared on screen with James Bond (Daniel Craig).