Spreadsheet surprise for Hong Kong

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 10 January, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 10 January, 1995, 12:00am

RELATIONAL databases are known to most computer users in the business workplace, but relational spreadsheets is a term that sounds rather strange.

NewTech Consultants, though, has recently started distributing the TM/1 Spreadsheet Connector relational spreadsheet product in Hong Kong. TM/1 is produced by the United States-based Sinper Corp.

TM/1 uses Lotus or Excel for Windows as the front-end for building, maintaining and querying databases consisting of multi-dimensional tables.

Each table can include anywhere from eight to 16 dimensions, depending on which version is being used, with more than 32,000 elements per dimension.

Users can point and click their way to creating a worksheet to pull a report out of any slice of the databases.

For instance, in a three-dimensional database of people, age and income, users could create tables correlating any combination of these three dimensions.

Worksheets are linked back to the database so changes can be made in the worksheet and be reflected in the complete database, providing the means to allow easy data entry to the database.

TM/1 also implements a 'sparse matrix' technique to produce compact files out of large tables that contain large numbers of zero values.

Prices for Spreadsheet Connector start at $48,300 for a five-user LAN licence.