Caged up

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 17 January, 1995, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 17 January, 1995, 12:00am

A HEARTBREAKING letter has winged its way to the Keeping Posted office, raising questions about the humanity of the military personnel stationed in Hong Kong.

'You are our only hope,' it starts. 'No other person will help us. We are held here in atrocious conditions by your esteemed army, within their barracks in Central. We have no chance of escape as we are guarded day and night. We are held against our will in iron cages, and fed on just rice and fruit. Our toilet facilities are non-existent. I only know of you as your paper is occasionally given to us, torn up in shreds, to keep us warm through the winter. Protests to our jailers fall on deaf ears. Some of us have died here only to be unceremoniously removed without regard for our religious beliefs. The mighty general himself has come to stare at us during camp inspection. It worries us when he points to us and says to his aides that we are pretty. It's true that we're not British but we fear that come 1997 we will be killed and forgotten. At least we should be told of our crimes and given a fair trial.' Who are these God-forsaken creatures? They are the budgerigars and pigeons kept as pets in the Prince of Wales Building, home of the British Garrison. If the anonymous birdman of Tamar who wrote on their behalf would like to contact this office, we'll put him in touch with the JLG.