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Triumphal is one-stop shop for heavy equipment parts

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PUBLISHED : Monday, 24 September, 2012, 2:52pm
UPDATED : Friday, 04 March, 2016, 5:06pm

Seeking to ensure a steady supply of quality products at competitive prices to its clients, Triumphal Associates (TAS) ventured into heavy equipment parts manufacturing in 2006. The transformation from a purely trading company paid off as its TGW (Triumphal Group Worldwide) brand is becoming known worldwide for its quality.

TAS supplies spare parts for earth-moving machinery and equipment which meet OEM and industry standards. "We are a one-stop shop for highly customised products," says group managing director Toh Chee Yeong. "This is on top of the excellent service we always provide."

ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facilities in Zhejiang and Klang in Malaysia get full support from the company's research and development (R&D) staff. "R&D is very important for us in manufacturing and we went through a learning curve for the first three years," Toh says. "We also rely on our suppliers to provide good machines and in-house fabricated equipment to produce quality products at competitive prices."

The company uses heat treatment technology to fabricate high-quality parts. Ground engaging tools such as grader blades, overlays, cutting edges and end bits are made with high-carbon and boron steel. High-carbon steel has an exceptional level of hardness and metal-wear resistance, while boron added to steel increases strength and reduces cracking and distortion.

To ensure product quality and reliability, TGW undercarriage is designed and manufactured using a three-dimensional computer-aided modelling tool and a hardening system employing a through hardening system and a modern rail induction system. Quality control processes ensure the products work efficiently, optimising lifespan and minimising production cost per hour.

Aside from the existing joint venture with one of the mainland's biggest bulldozer manufacturers, Shandong Shantui Machinery, TAS is looking for more strategic partners on the mainland. "At the moment, we are on the mainland for the overseas market," Toh says. "We want to be on the mainland for the domestic market."