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Yoong Onn's quality linen covers homes across continent

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PUBLISHED : Monday, 24 September, 2012, 3:08pm
UPDATED : Friday, 04 March, 2016, 5:06pm

When it comes to providing homes with the ultimate in comfort and style, Yoong Onn has it well covered. The company has developed more than 3,000 designs for linen and bedding accessories through its in-house design studio and large manufacturing facility in Malaysia.

Yoong Onn has established itself as a household name in top quality bed sheets through its integrated operations, strong expertise and multiple distribution channels. Enjoying solid growth over the past five years, the company boasts successfully creating and commercialising 14 brands.

"We are the first home linen company listed on the Malaysia stock exchange and known as the most reliable, focused and hands-on company in quality and innovative design," says managing director Roland Chew.

Specialising in products with distinct colours, creative patterns and high-quality fibres, Yoong Onn offers a great selection of bed linen products to meet different customer needs. These include its premium brands of fine linens namely: Jean Perry, Novelle, Louis Casa, Genova, Sarah Miller and Firenze. Yoong Onn also carries a wide collection for the mid-range market under the brands Diana, Cotonsoft, Red Danielle, Niki Cains, Ann Taylor, Season, Bed Talk and Oasis.

In addition, Yoong Onn is the licensed designer and manufacturer of the Looney Tunes brand and original brand manufacturer for well-known third party brands.

The company distributes its products in Malaysia through Yoong Onn's 14 fully owned Homes Harmony and Homes Warehouse chain stores and more than 100 third-party retail outlets. Working with partner importers and distributors abroad, Yoong Onn brings its products to more than 15 countries.

Yoong Onn stands out from competitors in the way it understands clients' requirements and market demands - from design, manufacturing and distribution to retailing and institutional sales. As a one-stop supply centre for bedding, the company boosts its competitiveness with its extensive distribution network.

"Trends change from country to country," Chew says. "That is why we constantly develop new ideas and improve our designs. We have partnered with some of the best international design houses in Europe to make sure we are a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor in the home linen business."

Yoong Onn plans to spread its presence to neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia such as Myanmar, Indonesia and Thailand. It also aims to expand its business in China.